Optimising your LinkedIn profile to win business

 Presenter: Tim Prizeman, Director of Kelso Consulting.

This webinar will take place in the autumn of 2014. Please click here to register for more information about the webinar.


You can find the recording of the recent webinar on optimising your LinkedIn profile recorded on the 10 March 2014 by clicking here. 


About the webinar:

LinkedIn has become a dominant business social media site for all from top level executives to the small business owner, as it is one of the largest search engines. 

LinkedIn webinar

With billions of searches a year and millions of UK users alone it can be a great place to boost the profile of your business. However, too many people do not take advantage of all the opportunities available on the site.


LinkedIn can be really effective if you want to:

Stay in better contact with your network (these are the people who are likely going to be recommending your work)
Helping you to be found by those looking for your specific business sector
Identifying potential business opportunities and customer


What you will gain from the webinar:

How to create a profile which will stand out and be helpful for your business
Ways of using LinkedIn effectively to grow your network of contacts and gain referrals from customers
Using LinkedIn for researching purposes
Boosting the scope of your company profile effectively
LinkedIn ads


Who should attend?:

Executives, partners and business owners who are relatively new to LinkedIn
Or are
An established LinkedIn user and wants to increase their use of the site


The webinar will take place during the autumn 2014. Please click here to register for more information about the webinar.


Do click here where you can find the latest version of this webinar recorded on the 10 March 2014.


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