PR Case Study: Shelley Stock Hutter 

Bobby Lane, partner at award-winning London accountancy firm Shelley Stock Hutter, recommends Kelso Consulting's Public Relations support after a successful ongoing campaign brings business leads as well as plaudits from clients.


Interview with Bobby Lane, Partner at award-winning London accountancy firm Shelley Stock Hutter


“We’ve had a great response to our PR campaign and the coverage we have received. A lot of our clients have sent emails asking where all the coverage is coming from and what the reason for the massive leap in profile is. I think the benefits are very clear. When the national, regional and local press all ask for our comments and opinions straight after the budget, it demonstrates that our expertise in certain areas is being recognised. It has raised the profile of the firm and genuinely put Shelley Stock Hutter into a completely different area.

“We would certainly recommend Kelso Consulting to other businesses, and already have done to a number of our contacts and clients. They have asked why there has been a huge rise in our profile and how we achieved this, which subsequently leads to people asking who our PR company is. I think it is important to only recommend those who you feel comfortable with. So we have recommended Kelso Consulting and will continue to do so because they have been excellent for us.

“There has been some great coverage over the last 18 months. However, I think the piece that will provide the most impact is the one we had yesterday. The focus was on a client who we have worked incredibly closely with, who was looking to raise a Government backed loan - the biggest in the country. This was covered by one of the national papers, and included a comment by us. Therefore, this means we can use this coverage to send out to our potential clients in that sector, new business prospects and existing client base.

“Kelso, over the last 18 months, has developed into our outsourced marketing function. We know they are not accountants or lawyers or even experts in certain areas; however, after working with Kelso we have identified what they are good at and been able to marry our skills up with them. This means we come up with the ideas and the issues we should be talking about, and then let Kelso do its part. Kelso is excellent at taking this information and selling it into the press and publications to get them interested in the issues we feel are important. Kelso are in essence our media relations team and our sales team regarding our marketing needs. We, at Shelley Stock Hutter, will come up with the ideas and then they will sell it in. Kelso are excellent at this and it has worked extremely well.”

For more information from Kelso Consulting about Thought Leadership and any other Public Relations requirements, contact Tim Prizeman on 020 7242 2286. You can also find out about our ongoing thought leadership seminars here.

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