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Why every marketing team should read 'The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses'

By Charlie King - Public Relations consultant

The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for your small business  by Dee Blick. 

Promoted by Wiley’s and supported by the Chartered Institute of Marketing   

This book from the CIM is primarily aimed at small businesses but, quite frankly, should be compulsory reading for the people involved in marketing any sized accountancy firm.

It is really a “how to market your small business”, but the content transcends to helpful tips for accountantcy firms. You can follow the chapters starting with the marketing plan, and then ranging through practical aspects as “copy that sells”; “how to get PR”; the importance of direct mail; “how to cold call” and “how to build your expert status”. the-15-essential-marketing-masterclasses-for-your-small-business-by-dee-blick-1-638

Whether you are a marketing beginner, the experienced marketing professional, or a partner involved in marketing in addition to your “day job”, elements that make the book highly commendable include:

  1. Everything is explained clearly in jargon-free plain English (none of that “brand architecture” or other dreadful marketing-speak in it);
  2. It covers a broad area.  While this does mean each area is not covered in huge depth, quite frankly this is a bonus since many “in-depth” books often have lots of tedious padding.  In each chapter there is certainly enough to get you up to a competent speed;
  3. It is full of good and experience-based practical advice that applies to businesses of all sizes.

The Twitter chapter is a good example.  While you can get whole books on the subject if you really want to go into it, simply reading Chapter 15 will allow you to quickly figure out whether you should even bother with it (and for many accountans this certainly is worth discussing) and then get on and do it.  All those firms Tweeting dull corporate announcements would benefit from this chapter!

Definitely a present for anyone you know starting a new firm, but plenty in here too for those marketers who have to get their hands dirty doing real marketing, PR and social media too.

Particularly useful for the marketing team and partners who have to market their practice.  






Agree or disagree about the book? Please leave a comment below.


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Charlie King - Public Relations consultant

Written by Charlie King - Public Relations consultant

PR Consultant at award-winning Public Relations agency Kelso Consulting

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