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    Making Google Ads work for your accountancy firm - expert insights


    Google Ads are used by many accountancy firms and can be a very cost-effective way of generating leads.  However, others shy away from them - some are unsure of how to set them up, while others are convinced they won't work for their market (although in 9 out of 10 times such beliefs are generally unfounded in our experience!).

    Because we felt more of our clients should be considering Google Ads for some of their campaigns, we teamed up with Google Ads expert Dominic Renshaw of AdExtra who gave an excellent overview of what is involved and how to set up and maintain a successful campaign.

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    Blogging tips for accountants

    We recently held a webinar on "Successful blogging for accountancy firms" with accountancy outsourcers Initor Global'.

    At one level, successful blogging is surprisingly simple!  You just follow these 6 straightforward stages:

    The key steps for success with your accountancy firm's blogging are:

    1. Ensure the quality and relevance of the blog to your target reader
    2. Blog regularly (firms that blog once or twice a week get dramatically more leads than those who do it only once or twice a month)
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    Successful blogging for accountants - forthcoming webinar

    Webinar: Successful blogging for accountancy firms

    Posting interesting blogs regularly on your website is an effective and straight-forward way for accountancy firms of all sizes to attract leads.

    Straight-forward, but often difficult for many to sustain, with common problems including:

    - Getting stuck for ideas
    - Writers-block when it is time to draft 
    - Making the process unnecessarily time-consuming

    - Shallow content that does not engage readers

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    Getting your accountancy firm to the top of Google

    If your accountancy practice does not appear prominently on Google when business owners are searching online for advice, you are missing out on one of the largest sources of leads for accountancy firms.

    The good news is that most accountancy firms don't have to apply complex secret techy techniques to dramatically improve their search engine rankings.  

    In fact, topping Google can often be achieved primarily through applying straightforward rules and a bit of thought to the text and other content on your own web pages and social media.

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    Kelso quoted in ACCA's Accounting & Business magazine on standing out

    Kelso Consulting's Tim Prizeman leads the expert advice for SME accountants in this month's edition of Accounting & Business, the ACCA Journal.

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    Big Four "lobbying to survive" campaign scoring successes with key media

    The "Big Four" oligopoly of giant accountancy firms is again lobbying hard to protect its position and prevent some sort of break-up restoring a nearly-as-Big Five or maybe six.

    Their past efforts have been successful, and their new impetus follows damning comments from leading MPs on the various Parliamentary committees investigating the collapse of Carillion and the role of the Big Four firms. Their ire is particularly high as the Big Four billed Carillion, its pension schemes and the Government £71 million since 2008 relating to Carillion: yet failed to notice anything was wrong.

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    New seminars & webinars for accountancy firms

    Grow your practice in 2018 with great advice from our seminars for accountancy firms

    Kelso Consulting once again has a series of our popular seminars and webinars for accountancy firms in the first half of 2018, covering a range of business development issues, including public relations, social media, online ads and thought leadership. 

    We'd like to invite you and your colleagues to attend!

    Particular aimed at accountancy firm partners, together with their marketing directors, we will be hosting our seminars in London and, for Thames Valley businesses, in Newbury.

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    The best of our other recent blogs

    A round up of recent highlights from our other blogs

    You may well be interested in these Posts on Kelso's other blog feeds from over the past few weeks as they are also very relevant to accountancy partners:


    How to work with a PR agency: Retainer vs Project

    Written with law firms in mind, but equally applicable to accountancy firms, this article looks at the pros and cons of working with a PR agency on retainer and project, 

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    Topics: Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants, Public Relations, Lawyers, PR, Reputation, Taylor Swift

    Getting your accountancy practice successfully dealing with the media

    What accountants really need to know about ensuring a successful first encounter with the media!

    You've heard about the power of media, maybe your competitors are getting great coverage, and you have been tasked with getting lots for your accountancy practice: but neither you nor the partners have done it before.

    That's not a problem as everyone has to start somewhere. But many accountants and their marketing teams approach media relations with misconceptions and unrealistic expectations which, at the very least, lead to missed opportunities and often mess the whole thing up.

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    Topics: Marketing, Accountants, Public Relations, PR

    Thought leadership for professional firms

    Football accounts report delivers 20+ years' of success for Deloitte 

    Today Deloitte is the UK's premier sports business consultancy.  But once upon a time it had no such practice - until three of its professionals decided to combine their professional passion with their interest in sport.

    It holds plenty of lessons for professional firms of all sizes... and other types of professionals too.

    Twenty years on, Deloitte advises the top names in sport across a wide range of financial and business issues.

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    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Thought Leadership, Case Studies, Accountants, Public Relations, Professional firms

    Accountancy PR:  Cloud bookkeeping innovators Pandle appoint PR agency Kelso Consulting

    Public Relations agency to deliver high impact press coverage & Search Engine ranking boost

    Cloud bookkeeping and accountancy provider Pandle ( has appointed Kelso Consulting as part of an ambitious Public Relations campaign to sign up 1,000s of freelancers and small business customers in 2018.

    The UK’s cloud bookkeeping market is crowded with several providers, and Pandle is distinctive through its intuitive and straightforward interface particularly aimed at Britain’s 4.8 million self-employed people, most of whom have little or no financial training.

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    Topics: Accountants, Public Relations, Winning Proposals, SEO, PR, PR Appointments, Cloud

    Accountancy firms' aversion to measuring their marketing ROI doesn't add up!

    It's time for accountancy partnerships to be measuring the return on investment from their marketing 

    Gauging the return on investment of marketing activity is a fundamentally important metric 

    for accountancy firms looking to grow, yet practices 

    we meet struggle to know whether the amount of time and money they spend on marketing is producing an effective return.

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    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Accountants, ROI, Marketing ROI

    Doomed accountancy firm mergers: 2 drowning men don't equal one swimmer

    Accountancy firm mergers - making them work

    Over the years I've observed many mergers at accountancy and other professional firms.

    Some have been stunningly successful, some have been failures and many somewhere in between.

    Clearly they were all intended to be huge successes, but something went wrong for many.  What was it?


    Well, I'm not an M&A expert but my observation is that those that went wrong had two things in common.

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    Topics: Accountants, Mergers, Strategy

    Successful marketing is all about storytelling... but how do you make your stories stand out?

    "Successful marketing is all about storytelling" is an idea who's time has come... or a bit of a fad, depending on your perspective. Certainly the amount of articles about it seems to have risen exponentially in recent months.

    It wasn't always thus. I remember an occasion some 12 yearsor so ago when my colleague told the CEO of a tech company that standing out and being memorable "was all about stories"... well, the blank look he got back certainly told its own story.

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    Topics: Marketing, Accountants, Storytelling, Presentations

    Getting your accountancy firm to the top of Google - 6 easy steps

    At our recent webinar I shared a straight forward 6 step process for getting your accountancy firm to the top of Google, which is a hugely valuable place for any business to be, including those professional practices selling high value services.

    I have found there are two sorts of attitudes amongst accountants to the value of appearing prominently on Google. There are those businesses that don't think it is worthwhile,do not spend much effort on it and, ... Continue Reading
    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Accountants, SEO

    Getting to the top of Google - why SEO is an important but easy skill for accountancy firms to master

    Got a problem or need a supplier? The first thing most people do now is look on Google.  You probably do too.

    And it is not just people looking for holidays and plumbers.... it is businesses looking for high-value suppliers and solutions for complex accounting, financial and management challenges.

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    Topics: Sales, Search Engine Optimisation, Accountants, SEO

    LION taming tips for accountants on LinkedIn

    While Twitter and Facebook encourage strangers to become connected, LinkedIn is all about relationships. However almost daily I am contacted by strangers who are merrily ignoring the rules set down by LinkedIn that state you should only connect with people you know.

    The strength in LinkedIn for lawyers is the relationships between people who connect with one another. It allows for recommendations and referrals that simply cannot happen between complete strangers.

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    Topics: Sales, Accountants, Social Media, LinkedIn

    Why best accountants should never use the default invitation on LinkedIn

    Making the right impression when you want to build rapport with someone is vital, not least in business. Ever heard the saying: ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’?

    Yet on the social media channel that means business LinkedIn the majority of introductions are abrupt and use the standard ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn’.

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    Topics: Sales, Accountants, Social Media

    Image is everything for accountants on LinkedIn

    If you have ever been on Twitter you will have spotted those anonymous eggs that denote profiles that have not added a photograph and often flags a complete novice or worse a spam account. On Facebook the silhouette makes you suspicious and on LinkedIn, where it really matters, no photo means no business!

    When I see the anonymous head and shoulders silhouette on LinkedInit usually means it is a profile that lacks any attention and however professional the person is, you cannot help but make a judgement about a lack of attention to detail.Picking the right photograph is important too!

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    Topics: Sales, Accountants, Social Media

    Thought leadership success tips for accountants - article in Professional Marketing Magazine

    9 signs your accountancy firm's thought leadership is doomed to fail

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    Topics: Thought Leadership, Accountants

    Why Accountants should not promote their ‘company website’ on LinkedIn

    Do you have your ‘Company Website’ displayed on LinkedIn, literally? The default setting for the link with your contact info is to your company web address and at first glance this makes sense.

    In fact the Contact Info button – just below your number of connections on LinkedIn, is where your connections can easily discover your email, Skype address and telephone number. Other information includes being able to list up to three web addresses, include your ‘Company Website’

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    Topics: Sales, Accountants, Social Media

    Accountants need not apply on LinkedIn

    What does your headline say on LinkedIn? If it simple declares you to be an ‘Accountant’, ‘Owner’ or ‘Managing Director’ then you are missing a major trick on LinkedIn; you should be using this to promote the difference you can make to clients!

    Your headline is the text that appears immediately beneath your name and is a key part to getting you found on LinkedIn and driving people to engage. Equally it is your chance to appear dull and uninteresting – so get it right and use best practice for your headline on LinkedIn.

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    Topics: Sales, Accountants, Social Media

    What can Netflix can teach accountants about networking?

    Did you binge over Christmas? No, we don’t mean third helpings of turkey or a bloat of mince pies (it should be the collective noun!). Did you gorge yourself on Netflix? Have you seen House of Cards? Or did you finally see Breaking Bad? How about Orange is the New Black?

    With over three million users in the UK subscribing to Netflix for unfettered access to so many TV series and movies there is a good chance you have spent some time over the Christmas break streaming.

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    Topics: Sales, Growth, Networking, Accountants

    How accountancy firms can STAND OUT


    We are back for a busy autumn with plenty of business available to be won - but lots of accountancy firms after it and strong pressure on fees.

    It is those firms that are distinctive and memorable that get recommended for the best appointments.  Those demonstrating distinctive expertise can charge more than their rivals and still win the work.

    How do accountancy firms get into such a great position of being recognised as having distinctive expertise?

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    Topics: Upcoming Webinars, Growth, Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants

    Thought leadership for accountants - advice

    Does your accountancy firm need to better stand out against your competitors?  In a crowded market   another Budget breakfast and bought in tax tables isn't going to do it!

    Business owners and directors are looking for accountants that bring value through their insights and ability to solve commerical problems.  But how do you demonstrate it?

    We've been working with accountancy firms for over 20 years to help them stand out.  

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    Topics: Thought Leadership, Accountants, Public Relations

    Why clients choose (and sack) their accountants

    Often winning a proposal involves demonstrating, in one way or the other, that you are considerably better than the opposition. ... Continue Reading
    Topics: Growth, Accountants, Winning Proposals, Pitches

    How Deloitte built a leading Sports Business practice with thought leadership

    Football accounts report delivers 23 years' of success for Deloitte 

    Today Deloitte has the UK's premier sports business consultancy.  But once upon a time it had no such practice - until three of its accountants decided to combine their professional passion with their interest in sport.

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    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants, Public Relations

    Getting the most from your PR agency


    I recently had an interesting and wide ranging discussion with Peter Scott ( who advises numerous professional firms on strategy and management issues. Having previously run Eversheds for eight years as managing partner, he's certainly got great insights to share.
    Part of our discussion covered how professional firms use PR agencies.  He mentioned many really don't understand how to best use a PR agency, what skills good agencies bring to the party, and what are the best ways to work with them.  Why didn't I write something on the subject he suggested?

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    Topics: Accountants, Public Relations, Communications

    Is your accountancy firm and PR agency in a "death spiral"?

    Are you locked in a death spiral with your PR agency?
    We often come across accountancy firms who have been sucked into the "PR death spiral" with their agency (and in-house too).  Here's how to recognise it:

    Initially it all began so positively.....

    A new PR team had arrived, and make lots of sensible-sounding requests for articles, materials and other content from the partners to pump prime the campaign.  It is quickly supplied by partners keen for coverage and wanting to play their part in a successful campaign.  It is a great start and hopes are high.

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    Topics: Accountants, Public Relations, PR Disaster

    Lessons for leaders from Thomas Cook's PR disaster

    A while ago I wrote a white paper entitled "Why some companies turn a crisis into a PR disaster .... and how not to be one of them" based on then recent cases such as Toyota.

    The main point was that such disasters typically don't come out of the blue and the effective PR tactics for handling them are well known.

    Yet experienced and competent CEOs and their management teams had been able to create a PR disaster of far greater magnitude through inept handling of the communications issues.

    I revisited the paper in the light of the recent sad case involving Thomas Cook and its handling of the publicity around the recent inquest into the deaths of two children while holidaying in Corfu a few years ago.

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    Topics: Accountants, Crisis, PR Disaster

    Escaping "me-too marketing": help for accountants

    Distinctive ideas needed to win clients in crowded markets

    In today's crowded accountancy market, technical expertise and a great service are not enough to stand out. 

    But rather than highlighting their value and expertise, many accountancy firms lapse into bland "me-too marketing".

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    Topics: Marketing, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants

    When your practice needs to stand out

    When your accountancy practice needs to stand out

    The new book The Thought Leadership Manual by Kelso's Tim Prizeman is particularly aimed at helping accountancy firms stand out in crowded markets.

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    Topics: Marketing, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants

    Getting your accountancy firm's website to the top of Google

    If you tried to find your accountancy firm on Google would it always appear on the front page of each search you tried?

    It  has become customary for businesses of all types to have attractive, professional websites to s

    howcase their services. But is your website working hard to draw in potential clients and generate leads?

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    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Accountants

    Will you be coming to Accountex this week?

    This week is Accountex at London's Excel, the main annual "business of accountancy" exhibition. Will you be there?

    If you have not registered already,  tickets are complimentary and entitle you to also see 100s of exhibitors, as well as hear the dozens of expert speakers at Accountex and two other shows on at the same time - Legalex (for the legal sector) and the Business Show (for SMEs and start-ups).
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    Topics: Networking, Thought Leadership, Accountants

    Why every marketing team should read 'The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses'

    The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for your small business  by Dee Blick. 

    Promoted by Wiley’s and supported by the Chartered Institute of Marketing   

    This book from the CIM is primarily aimed at small businesses but, quite frankly, should be compulsory reading for the people involved in marketing any sized accountancy firm.

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    Topics: Sales, Marketing, Content Marketing, Accountants, Public Relations, Communications

    A cobwebby profile will be costing you business

    Is your profile page costing you business?

    After going to a website’s home page, the firm’s individual partner profile pages are nornally the next most visited pages – yet these are frequently the most cobwebby and least updated.

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    Topics: Content Marketing, Successful Sales, Accountants

    Kelso PR appointed by Accountex organiser Prysm

    Leading exhibition organiser Prysm appoints PR agency Kelso Consulting

    Prysm, the leading organiser of business exhibitions, has appointed Kelso Consulting to handle the media relations and promotion for Accountex and Legalex – major exhibitions at Excel themed around providing solutions to the business challenges faced by Britain’s thousands of accountancy and legal firms.

    Kelso Consulting’s role will include securing media coverage prior and after the events, and maximising the attendance of journalists at the event.

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    Topics: Marketing, Accountants, Communications

    Thought leadership for accountants - free guide

     Download this free guide on thought leadership to really help your accountancy firm stand out. 

    Although a somewhat pretentious-sounding expression, the term has gained widespread usage across the professional services and technology sectors and increasingly those working in accountancy firm marketing.

    A quick Google search reveals over three million web pages using the expression ‘thought leader’ (up from 1 million in 2007).

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    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants

    Why isn't my marketing more effective for my accountancy firm?

    Leads rarely deliver from drip-drip marketing

    We've just held a seminar looking at how to make professional businesses' sales pipelines work better.

    Before it, our participants assisted with some research.  It showed that many of them were already doing a lot of marketing, such as events and some sort of regular technical update or newsletters.  They were for the most part pretty organised too.  

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    Topics: Growth, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants, Communications

    Want to improve your business development pipeline over breakfast?

    How effective is your firm's business development pipeline?  

    Does it work like a conveyor belt, nuturing and qualifying leads so the best prospects emerge at the end of the process with the best possible impression of your firm.  If so, don't come to our seminar!

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    Topics: Sales, Growth, Networking, Accountants

    Four signs your communications strategy is failing

    Many accountancy firms have a failing communications strategy.... often without them realising it!

    Nonetheless it costs them work, harms the effectiveness of their sales and marketing, and ultimately thwarts their growth plans.  

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    Topics: Marketing, Accountants, Public Relations, Communications

    How to take the pain out of your business case studies

    What prevents your accountancy firm from using case studies more often?

    One of the most effective and versatile forms of marketing is using case studies that showcase your firm’s brilliant work and provide testimony from delighted clients.

    ... Continue Reading
    Topics: Marketing, Case Studies, Accountants, Public Relations

    Does your website attract business or hide in the shadows?

    Is it better to have a store on Oxford Street or in dark back alley?

    Of course this is a rhetorical question.

    We all know that it's easier to sell clothes where there are crowds of people shopping for them.  If only there was an Oxford Street where prospective clients go to buy accountancy services.

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    Topics: Upcoming Webinars, Sales, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Accountants

    Thought leadership for accountants - forthcoming webinar

    Webinar: Successful thought leadership for accountants 

    Accountancy firms are ideally placed to utilise "thought leadership" to create the sort of ideas that will grab the attention of clients.

    They have great analytical skills, a strategic perspective and can translate ideas into tangible activity. Indeed many firms have been using it successfully for many years - for instance, Deloitte's hugely successful 'Annual review of Football Finance' has been going for nearly 25 years. 

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