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    Blogging tips for accountants

    We recently held a webinar on "Successful blogging for accountancy firms" with accountancy outsourcers Initor Global'.

    At one level, successful blogging is surprisingly simple!  You just follow these 6 straightforward stages:

    The key steps for success with your accountancy firm's blogging are:

    1. Ensure the quality and relevance of the blog to your target reader
    2. Blog regularly (firms that blog once or twice a week get dramatically more leads than those who do it only once or twice a month)
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    Short blogs or long ones - what are the benefits?(Part 2)

    The first half of this blog looked at the pros and cons of long blogs.

    In this second half we look at the pros and cons of shorter, punchy 350-500 word blogs on topics of interest to your clients and prospects.

    There are a lot of benefits to shorter blogs, as opposed to the long essays that some professionals like writing.  They include:

    1. Since it is far less time-consuming to write shorter articles, it is easier to get your team engaged.  
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    Long blogs or shorter ones: which is best for my accountancy firm's marketing?

    Should your firm be writing short punchy blogs, say 300 or 400 words, or longer ones that explore an idea thoroughly and give plenty of information?

    They both have their place, and in a perfect world your accountancy firm's blog may well have both. But before you start pasting any old stuff on your blog, let's explore the pros and cons of both... which will also explain why we typically recommend businesses new to blogging to get going with shorter ones to start with.

    However, short or long, a blog is no good if nobody reads it.

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    Bookkeeping startup appoints PR agency Kelso Consulting to build reputation ahead of scaling-up

    Kelso Consulting has been appointed by Ozlop as the innovative start-up prepares, after initial early successes, to scale-up its distinctive outsourced bookkeeping service.

    David Vine, Ozlop’s managing director, says: “While it is still early stages for us, it is important that Ozlop is laying strong foundations for growth in 2020 and 2021. Part of this will be ensuring we have a strong reputation based not just on our service but also more broadly on our expertise in helping small businesses, particularly microbusinesses with a busy owner.

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    Successful blogging for accountants - forthcoming webinar

    Webinar: Successful blogging for accountancy firms

    Posting interesting blogs regularly on your website is an effective and straight-forward way for accountancy firms of all sizes to attract leads.

    Straight-forward, but often difficult for many to sustain, with common problems including:

    - Getting stuck for ideas
    - Writers-block when it is time to draft 
    - Making the process unnecessarily time-consuming

    - Shallow content that does not engage readers

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    Getting your accountancy firm to the top of Google - SEO tips

    Many accountancy firms fail to appear in one of the most effective sources of new leads when prospects are searching.... the first page of Google.

    While many have put in the effort and generate a regular flow of suitable leads, many other practices either fail to make it a priority or are in denial about its benefits (which of course becomes a self-fulling prophecy).   

    Not sure where your practice appears?  

    Simply open up a browser and type in the sort of search a potential client would make (NB - not your firm's name!  Also, best done from a private browser window to stop your results being skewed by your browsing history).

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