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    Escaping "me-too marketing": help for accountants

    Distinctive ideas needed to win clients in crowded markets

    In today's crowded accountancy market, technical expertise and a great service are not enough to stand out. 

    But rather than highlighting their value and expertise, many accountancy firms lapse into bland "me-too marketing".

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    Topics: Marketing, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants

    When your practice needs to stand out

    When your accountancy practice needs to stand out

    The new book The Thought Leadership Manual by Kelso's Tim Prizeman is particularly aimed at helping accountancy firms stand out in crowded markets.

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    Topics: Marketing, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants

    Getting your accountancy firm's website to the top of Google

    If you tried to find your accountancy firm on Google would it always appear on the front page of each search you tried?

    It  has become customary for businesses of all types to have attractive, professional websites to s

    howcase their services. But is your website working hard to draw in potential clients and generate leads?

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    Why every marketing team should read 'The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses'

    The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for your small business  by Dee Blick. 

    Promoted by Wiley’s and supported by the Chartered Institute of Marketing   

    This book from the CIM is primarily aimed at small businesses but, quite frankly, should be compulsory reading for the people involved in marketing any sized accountancy firm.

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    Topics: Sales, Marketing, Content Marketing, Accountants, Public Relations, Communications

    A cobwebby profile will be costing you business

    Is your profile page costing you business?

    After going to a website’s home page, the firm’s individual partner profile pages are nornally the next most visited pages – yet these are frequently the most cobwebby and least updated.

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    Topics: Content Marketing, Successful Sales, Accountants

    Why isn't my marketing more effective for my accountancy firm?

    Leads rarely deliver from drip-drip marketing

    We've just held a seminar looking at how to make professional businesses' sales pipelines work better.

    Before it, our participants assisted with some research.  It showed that many of them were already doing a lot of marketing, such as events and some sort of regular technical update or newsletters.  They were for the most part pretty organised too.  

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    Topics: Growth, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants, Communications


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