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    Getting the best results from your accountancy's PR agency

    One of our most visited blogs over the past few years discusses how law firms can get the most from their PR agency.  The advice in it also applies very much to other professional firms, such as accountancy firms. 

    We have recently updated it ... although not by much as its advice has "stood the test of time".

    Click here for our new and improved "Getting the most for your accountancy firm from your PR agency".

    If you are looking at your relationship with your PR agency, or maybe appointing one for the first time, you will be interested in another of our blogs.  This one has been our highest read blog every year since it was written about three years ago!

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    Kelso quoted in ACCA's Accounting & Business magazine on standing out

    Kelso Consulting's Tim Prizeman leads the expert advice for SME accountants in this month's edition of Accounting & Business, the ACCA Journal.

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    Topics: Growth, Accountants, Public Relations, Communications, Strategy, Reputation, Brand

    New seminars & webinars for accountancy firms

    Grow your practice in 2018 with great advice from our seminars for accountancy firms

    Kelso Consulting once again has a series of our popular seminars and webinars for accountancy firms in the first half of 2018, covering a range of business development issues, including public relations, social media, online ads and thought leadership. 

    We'd like to invite you and your colleagues to attend!

    Particular aimed at accountancy firm partners, together with their marketing directors, we will be hosting our seminars in London and, for Thames Valley businesses, in Newbury.

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    The best of our other recent blogs

    A round up of recent highlights from our other blogs

    You may well be interested in these Posts on Kelso's other blog feeds from over the past few weeks as they are also very relevant to accountancy partners:


    How to work with a PR agency: Retainer vs Project

    Written with law firms in mind, but equally applicable to accountancy firms, this article looks at the pros and cons of working with a PR agency on retainer and project, 

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    Topics: Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants, Public Relations, Lawyers, PR, Reputation, Taylor Swift

    Getting your accountancy practice successfully dealing with the media

    What accountants really need to know about ensuring a successful first encounter with the media!

    You've heard about the power of media, maybe your competitors are getting great coverage, and you have been tasked with getting lots for your accountancy practice: but neither you nor the partners have done it before.

    That's not a problem as everyone has to start somewhere. But many accountants and their marketing teams approach media relations with misconceptions and unrealistic expectations which, at the very least, lead to missed opportunities and often mess the whole thing up.

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    Topics: Marketing, Accountants, Public Relations, PR

    Thought leadership for professional firms

    Football accounts report delivers 20+ years' of success for Deloitte 

    Today Deloitte is the UK's premier sports business consultancy.  But once upon a time it had no such practice - until three of its professionals decided to combine their professional passion with their interest in sport.

    It holds plenty of lessons for professional firms of all sizes... and other types of professionals too.

    Twenty years on, Deloitte advises the top names in sport across a wide range of financial and business issues.

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    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Thought Leadership, Case Studies, Accountants, Public Relations, Professional firms

    Accountancy PR:  Cloud bookkeeping innovators Pandle appoint PR agency Kelso Consulting

    Public Relations agency to deliver high impact press coverage & Search Engine ranking boost

    Cloud bookkeeping and accountancy provider Pandle ( has appointed Kelso Consulting as part of an ambitious Public Relations campaign to sign up 1,000s of freelancers and small business customers in 2018.

    The UK’s cloud bookkeeping market is crowded with several providers, and Pandle is distinctive through its intuitive and straightforward interface particularly aimed at Britain’s 4.8 million self-employed people, most of whom have little or no financial training.

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    Topics: Accountants, Public Relations, Winning Proposals, SEO, PR, PR Appointments, Cloud

    Should my accountancy firm be doing PR to increase sales?

    Do you read the regular advice comments from John Timpson, the chairman of high street cobbler and key cutter Timpsons?

    They appear in the Telegraph and elsewhere, and I am a big fan of his sensible advice for growing and managing a business... and given how ubiqtuous his firm is on Britain's high street, he has a track record of success to back up his advice.

    Recently, in his column he dealt with a question about whether a firm should start doing press and PR activity to generate customers.

    It is a question many accountancy firms' partners have asked. At big firms it is a resounding "yes",

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    Topics: Sales, Public Relations

    Thought leadership for accountants - advice

    Does your accountancy firm need to better stand out against your competitors?  In a crowded market   another Budget breakfast and bought in tax tables isn't going to do it!

    Business owners and directors are looking for accountants that bring value through their insights and ability to solve commerical problems.  But how do you demonstrate it?

    We've been working with accountancy firms for over 20 years to help them stand out.  

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    Topics: Thought Leadership, Accountants, Public Relations

    How Deloitte built a leading Sports Business practice with thought leadership

    Football accounts report delivers 23 years' of success for Deloitte 

    Today Deloitte has the UK's premier sports business consultancy.  But once upon a time it had no such practice - until three of its accountants decided to combine their professional passion with their interest in sport.

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    Topics: Growth, Marketing, Thought Leadership, Accountants, Public Relations

    Getting the most from your PR agency


    I recently had an interesting and wide ranging discussion with Peter Scott ( who advises numerous professional firms on strategy and management issues. Having previously run Eversheds for eight years as managing partner, he's certainly got great insights to share.
    Part of our discussion covered how professional firms use PR agencies.  He mentioned many really don't understand how to best use a PR agency, what skills good agencies bring to the party, and what are the best ways to work with them.  Why didn't I write something on the subject he suggested?

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    Topics: Accountants, Public Relations, Communications

    Is your accountancy firm and PR agency in a "death spiral"?

    Are you locked in a death spiral with your PR agency?
    We often come across accountancy firms who have been sucked into the "PR death spiral" with their agency (and in-house too).  Here's how to recognise it:

    Initially it all began so positively.....

    A new PR team had arrived, and make lots of sensible-sounding requests for articles, materials and other content from the partners to pump prime the campaign.  It is quickly supplied by partners keen for coverage and wanting to play their part in a successful campaign.  It is a great start and hopes are high.

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    Topics: Accountants, Public Relations, PR Disaster

    Why every marketing team should read 'The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses'

    The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for your small business  by Dee Blick. 

    Promoted by Wiley’s and supported by the Chartered Institute of Marketing   

    This book from the CIM is primarily aimed at small businesses but, quite frankly, should be compulsory reading for the people involved in marketing any sized accountancy firm.

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    Topics: Sales, Marketing, Content Marketing, Accountants, Public Relations, Communications

    Four signs your communications strategy is failing

    Many accountancy firms have a failing communications strategy.... often without them realising it!

    Nonetheless it costs them work, harms the effectiveness of their sales and marketing, and ultimately thwarts their growth plans.  

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    Topics: Marketing, Accountants, Public Relations, Communications

    How to take the pain out of your business case studies

    What prevents your accountancy firm from using case studies more often?

    One of the most effective and versatile forms of marketing is using case studies that showcase your firm’s brilliant work and provide testimony from delighted clients.

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    Topics: Marketing, Case Studies, Accountants, Public Relations


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