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Building a business-winning reputation for your accountancy firm

By Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)


Our recent "Building a business-winning reputation" webinar looked at how accountancy firms can build a strong business-winning reputation, and how to get the communications strategy right to achieve this.

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Accountants inherently understand the importance of having a good reputation.


  But many assume reputation is something that comes automatically from giving good advice and winning cases, rather than as an asset that has to be grown.

This leads to PR and marketing activity solely to generate leads or "get the name out there", and little attention to building a stronger reputation (which is the asset that creates the all-important trust that, amongst other things, makes any leads more likely to buy and your network to recommend your accountancy firm).


The importance for accountancy firms of an effective communications strategy:

Let’s be honest, many accounting firm marketing and sales campaigns fall flat. Here are some of the common problems we see:

  • The margarine approach:  limited resources are spread out evenly across all the practices and offices.  Sounds fair... but no one has enough to achieve anything.  
  • Me-too messaging:  messaging is key, but all it is the same as your rivals... descriptions of your services, an annual tax ready-reckoner and ad hoc news on new joiners and seminars.  All this might be great at a tactical level, but its not building much of a reputation.
  • Lots of channels to feed, but no meat:  email, PR, LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter all need lots of content and ideas to work well... but everyone is scratching their head about what new to say.
  • We’re so busy we'll sort the strategy another time. In fact if your firm is too busy to create a communications strategy... then this is the time you need a strategy most of all!  All that activity and cost, but how much of is helping your business actually grow?

Do any of these problems occur at your business?  If so, you should definitely listen!

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat

Sun Tzu, the well known and oft-quoted great Chinese military strategist: "Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat"


Kelso Consulting's complimentary practical one-hour webinar ensures your marketing, content, PR, social media, sales and thought leadership activity starts in the most powerful position possible: with a clear strategy that ensures all your activity is consistently building and reinforcing a distinctive reputation for your accountancy business.

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Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Written by Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Director of Public Relations agency Kelso Consulting. We specialise in working with B2B tech companies, management consultants, financial and professional firms to help them build business-winning reputations. We do this through award-winning PR skills and a proven approach to creating high-impact thought leadership campaigns. I am the author of The Thought Leadership Manual: