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    Being the authority: building a powerful reputation for your tech business

    Most technology business owners implicitly know that being recognised as an authority is vital for winning new clients.

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    Recent highlights for tech business leaders from our blogs

    These posts on Kelso's other blog feeds from over the past few weeks are also very relevant to leaders in technology firms:


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    New seminars & webinars for B2B tech businesses

    Kelso Consulting is pleased to announce our Winter and Spring 2018 seminars and webinars for tech businesses on a range of business development, public relations, social media

     and thought leadership issues. 

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    Our thought leadership services for tech firms: new brochure

    For technology firms looking to add oomph and impact into their thought leadership

    Members of the Kelso team have been working with technology firms

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    World's first cyber insurance comparison engine launched by PR agency Kelso Consulting

    Cyber risk and incident response specialists STORM|Guidance, creators of the world’s first Cyber Insurance comparison engine, Cyber|Decider , have appointed Kelso Consulting to help launch and build awareness through the UK’s insurance media.

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    What on earth is going on with LinkedIn?

    I used to strongly advocate tech company directors putting effort into their profile, building up their network and using LinkedIn for communicating. It seemed on the verge of turning into a really handy mini-CRM for social selling.

    But no more, all the useful functionality has disappeared without notice or warning.

    Some of the important disappearances include:

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    Topics: Social Media, LinkedIn

    Measuring the impact and effectiveness of thought leadership

    In a few weeks time I'll be on a panel at a marketing summit discussing how to measure the return of investment for Thought Leadership activities.

    It sounds an esoteric subject and immediately begs some specific questions like:"What is Thought Leadership?"; "What resources are being invested and how do I cost such inputs as non-billable time?"; and 

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    Topics: ROI, Thought Leadership

    Successful marketing is all about storytelling... but how do you make your stories stand out?

    "Successful marketing is all about storytelling" is an idea who's time has come...or a bit of a fad, depending on your perspective. Certainly the amount of articles about it seems to have risen exponentially in recent months.

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    Topics: Technology, Marketing, Presentations, Storytelling

    Getting your technology firm to the top of Google - 6 easy steps

    At our recent webinar I shared a straight forward 6 step process for getting your technology firm to the top of Google, which is a hugely valuable place for any business to be, including those professional practices selling high value services.

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    Topics: Technology, SEO, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Growth

    Getting to the top of Google - why SEO is an important but easy skill for technology firms to master

    Got a problem or need a supplier? The first thing most people do now is look on Google.  You probably do too.

    And it is not just people looking for holidays and plumbers.... it is businesses looking for high-value suppliers and solutions for complex technology,

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