Estimates for Google searches relevant to professional firms

By Tim Prizeman

How many searches on Google are relevant to professional firms?

We all know that there are a trillion searches on Google every millisecond (well, it is a huge number anyway).
But how many are relevant to professional firms – whether those targeting directors in SMEs or the C-Suite of international giants?

None of them!

Well that’s the number I often get told by many firms, who feel their market is so subtle and sophisticated that while their prospects may search online for holidays, films, hotels, potential spouses, their daily news and all manner of other things, they don’t use it for their service.

However, many firms that have taken the trouble to appear prominently in Google say the opposite. They get a regular flow of useful leads. In fact one business I know if financial compliance was built rapidly using Google AdWords (those ads that appear at the top of a search) and ultimately sold successfully.


Google has a tool that estimates the number of month searches on Google for particular phrases. It is at: (you will need a Google account, which are free).

Some examples are:

• 390 searches using the phrases “employment solicitors London” (with October and November the busiest search months)
• 480 searches for "divorce solicitors London"
• 70 searches for "commercial litigation solicitors"
• 260 searches for "leicester solicitor" and 390 for "Manchester law firms"
• 320 searches using the phrase “accounting firms in London”
• 20 searches for "audit firm London"
• 140 searches for "tax specialist"
• 260 searches for "accountancy firm in London"
• 1,600 searches for "insolvency practitioner"
• 70 searches using the search phrases "technology consulting firms"
• 140 for "IT consulting firms"
• 30 for "outsourcing consultants"
• 110 for "strategy consultants"
• 170 for "strategy consulting firms"
• 480 for "business consultants"

Interestingly, often when you search it is an area where smaller practices outgun their bigger rivals, appearing far more prominently.

Want to do something about it, after all Google is the equivalent of London’s Oxford Street for people shopping online – including for professional and consultancy help? If so, more details here:

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