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5 Top Tips on using LinkedIn for management consultants

By Kelso PR | Posted in: Management Consultant News

With over 300 million users across the globe, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is a hugely influential social media platform. Its potential for management consultants is huge.


The process of business transactions is changing and your clients will be doing most of their research before they even engage with a management consultant online. If they don’t find you when they’re doing their online research then chances are you will miss out on new business checking you out on social media platforms. Using LinkedIn effectively can help position you as a recognised expert within your industry.  It is also a useful tool for retaining existing clients, finding new clients and developing positive relationships with the media.


Here are five top tips on using LinkedIn for your management consultancy. 

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Successful thought leadership - quality beats quantity

By Tim Prizeman | Posted in: Management Consultant News

There are a lot of books, guides and blogs out there extolling people to make themselves thought leaders through filling up their website with "content". In fact, there is a whole "content marketing" industry  that has appeared to help you do this, measure the impact and ultimately reap the benefits. But not so fast! Keep reading to find out why quality beats quantity. 

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Breaking the sales plateau at your consultancy

By Tim Prizeman | Posted in: Management Consultant News

Many management consultancies quickly hit a sales plateau.... and their growth stalls. They are do great work and their clients are happy to recommend and reuse them.

But they've hit a plateau.  They are getting as many assignments and referrals as they can from their network. This sustains their business well, but it is not sufficient to generate the extra sales needed to grow further. 

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