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A business without a communications strategy is like an orchestra without a conductor - lots of activity, but instead of harmonious and reinforcing, the sound is puzzling and unimpressive.

As Sun Tzu, the well known and oft-quoted great Chinese military strategist, said: "Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat"!

Let’s be honest, many communication strategies fall flat.  Here are some of the common problems:

  • Over-activity:  New month, new priority.  The end result: Everyone is confused, including your own team
  • Me-too messaging:  messaging is key, but here all the communication has descended into a variation of “we are wonderful”
  • Lots of channels to feed, but no meat:  email, PR, LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter all need lots of content and ideas to work well... but everyone is scratching their head about what new to say
  • Feature-focus. Would you market Coca-Cola as a "sugary cola-flavoured carbonated beverage"? Many B2B and SaaS firms do the equivalent... is yours?
  • Anti-climatic:  it all started so well, but three months after the big start... tumbleweed
  • We’ll do it next week.  Of course "next week" still hasn’t come and you have the one thing potentially worse than a poor strategy... no strategy.
  • "Everyone here knows what to say".  In fact, they probably don't... get your team to write it down without conferring and see what comes back!

If your team is too busy to worry about a communications strategy... then you need a strategy most of all!

This practical webinar will ensure your marketing, content, PR, social media, sales and thought leadership activity starts 2020 in the most powerful position possible: with a clear strategy that ensures all your communications and marketing activity is consistently building and reinforcing a distinctive reputation for your business.

This webinar is particularly aimed at mid-sized and fast-growth B2B businesses with plenty of techniques to apply that are relevant to such firms and their directors (and not the sort of elaborate processes favoured by large corporates).



This webinar is for...

This webinar is for directors and others in SME businesses who either don't have a communications strategy, or who have one that does not seem to be working.  It is particularly for:

  • CEOs, marketing directors and partners in B2B businesses (especially technology, SaaS, consultancy and professional firms) looking to ensure their business is communicating strategically - not just tactically - in 2020
  • Communication and marketing managers involved in planning external marketing and influencing campaigns in 2020
  • It is particularly for scale-up SME businesses who need to deliver the maximum impact from finite time and resources 



This event is led by...

Tim Prizeman, a director with Kelso Consulting andTim Prizeman - high res author of The Thought Leadership Manual book

Tim has been advising professional, financial and technology firms on building their reputations and winning work for over 20 years.  He has received four national marketing and PR awards for campaigns he has devised and delivered for clients.