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Why this webinar is important for accountancy & tax practices:

2020 could not be worse for many accountancy and tax practices.

Swathes of businesses across travel, hospitality, creative, entertainment and non-food retail face an immediate existential threat. If it’s bad for them, it's going to be really bad too for those practices with lots of these clients.

Accountants are responding quickly, helping clients conserve cash, identify cost savings and gain government and other financial support.

But what next? 

With existing clients mothballing or sadly closing entirely, practices need to get good at launching new services and gaining new clients.   Let’s be honest.  Many accountancy practices are not great at this. 

Also the traditional channels many accountants prefer – networking with referrers, breakfast meetings, client meetings, hosting seminars – are going to be off limits for much of this year.

This webinar is for those practices that want to find out what is involved in successfully launching business development and new services in the current crisis environment.

What we will cover:

  • The foundation of successful marketing – focus and segmentation, and what this means in practice for successful launches

  • With no meetings and everyone at home, choosing the marketing tactics channels that will work quickly given current and future social-distancing arrangements

  • Creating an easy-to-implement plan that will enable your practice to successfully launch new services over the coming weeks

  • Where accountancy marketing goes wrong… and where it goes right.  Pitfalls to avoid to ensure success.

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This webinar is particularly for...

Partners at multi-partner accountancy and tax practices looking to successfully launch crisis and crisis-recovery services to clients, prospects and referrers in the coming weeks.

It is especially for partners with business development and marketing responsibilities, as well as managing partners, that want to move at speed to gain work to protect their position and client base.

This webinar is led by...

Public Relations - Tim Prizeman, Proprietor (2)-1

Kelso Consulting's senior consultant Tim Prizeman, author of the book The Thought Leadership Manual.

Tim started his career in senior communications roles at various large accountancy  firms (hands up if you recognise Touche Ross, Arthur Andersen and BDO Binder Hamlyn).

He has advised numerous large, mid-sized and small accountancy practices on business development, strategic communications and public relations issues over the past 30 years.  Tim is the author of the book The Thought Leadership Manual.


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 14-28-21Kim Tasso is a leading consultant in professional services. She is qualified in psychology, marketing, management and coaching and originally worked in sales and marketing positions in the technology sector and then at Deloitte.

She has provided strategic advice to numerous large, medium and small accountancy, tax and law firms over the past 25 years. She is author of seven books - on selling professional services, partnership growth strategies, social selling and business relationships. She held three NED roles in the property sector and is Trustee of a mental health charity.