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This one-hour briefing is particularly for directors and owners of cyber security firms, and their heads of sales and marketing.

We will succinctly and clearly look at the techniques that work for cybersecurity firms looking to boost their reputation and credibility with coverage in the high-impact national newspapers and business media. 

It is particularly aimed at established cybersecurity firms that are looking to scale-up, and particularly those keen to be regularly quoted in the media as cybersecurity experts.



In this practical webinar we will cover...

  • There are five simple tactics that particularly work for cybersecurity firms looking for national media coverage - we'll reveal them!

  • Thinking of issuing a press release? In many cases, it's the last thing you should do if you want coverage in a prominent national publication. We'll tell you what to do instead.

  • Why "talking tech" is a big turn-off to most journalists... and what to talk about instead if you are to be quoted as a leading cybersecurity expert.
  • We'll be looking at case studies of three SME businesses (a tech firm, a financial adviser and a law firm) that gained strong national coverage - and the lessons you can apply.

  • Your questions answered.

Attendees will also receive:

Attendees will receive video and podcast recordings of the webinar, and a copy of the slides.

This event is led by...

Social media advertising campaign seminar

Tim Prizeman is a director with public relations agency Kelso Consulting and has advised B2B technology businesses, including various cybersecurity ones, on building powerful reputations and winning work for over 20 years. 

He is the author of The Thought Leadership Manual book, and has received four national marketing and PR awards for campaigns for thought leadership campaigns.

This event is particularly for...

  • CEOs, sales and marketing directors of ambitious cybersecurity technology firms, as well as partners in consultancy and cyber incident response firms, considering the feasibility of gaining press coverage for their business.     
  • Marketing and sales directors who want to use press coverage to help their cybersecurity business develop the sort of reputation that can help them out-punch larger competitors and specialist challengers.
  • All directors wondering whether their current PR activity could be generating more impact.