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Standing out with strong insights and authoritative views is essential for businesses in a wide range of B2B sectors.  Indeed, doing "thought leadership" is now a standard requirement on many large tenders from consultancy to construction!

It is also one of the most successful tactics for opening the door to senior decision-makers. 

But many campaigns lack bite and achieve little... if you want to produce a killer campaign with killer content, then you need some killer insights too!  

How can this be achieved with busy teams already working long hours? 

In fact, consultancies, professional firms and tech business of all sizes can achieve it, and we will be sharing the practical steps you can apply to ensure you can maximise your success in 2020.

If you are looking to implement a successful thought leadership initiative in 2020, especially if you need to add bite and substance to your existing content marketing,  we will be covering the key elements you need in place to ensure success.


  • Getting your thought leadership right in 2020




In this practical webinar we will cover...

This webinar is designed to enable you to successfully mobilise your team and colleagues to deliver strong thought leadership in 2020, and use it to achieve strong business development results.  Areas we will be covering include:

-The essential elements you need in place for success (ie don’t start ambitious campaigns without putting these essentials in place first) 

- Thought leader vs expert commentator vs thought follower .... the right strategy for your firm

- The importance of quick easy wins to build momentum... and how to deliver them

- The  “celebrity mindset trap”, “analysis paralysis” and five other common problems that cause initiatives to fail:  how to fight them and get back on track

- Your initial brainstorm... how to tell when it has inadvertently doomed you to failure

- Ensuring you turn your insights into commercial success – and the must-have metrics

- We’ll also be sharing the key step that high-performers do rigorously to deliver great insight, but most firms don’t bother with.


Attendees will also receive

In addition to a recording of the webinar and a copy of the slides, attendees will also ahead of the webinar receive recommended preparation steps (so you get the best from the webinar), useful checklists to help create successful thought leadership in 2020, and for a succinct recommended reading list.

This event is led by...

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Tim Prizeman is a director with Kelso Consulting and author of The Thought Leadership Manual book. 

Tim has been advising financial and knowledge-based B2B businesses on building powerful reputations and winning work for over 20 years.  He has received four national marketing and PR awards for campaigns for thought leadership campaigns.



This event is particularly for...

  • CEOs, marketing directors and partners with marketing responsibilities looking to undertake successful thought leadership in 2020

  • Marketing and communications managers involved in planning and implementing thought leadership initiatives in 2020, as well as content marketing campaigns aimed at senior executives and business owners

{For small practices and people who will be creating thought leadership largely themselves, we instead recommend our complimentary "Thought leadership on a budget" webinar}.