Generating warm leads with "inbound marketing"

Inbound marketing has become a popular buzzword
in recent years, but what is it and can it help your business.

Inbound marketing is all about attracting the large number of business owners and executives searching on Google and social media for ideas to help them solve their current problems.  Some will be shopping for solutions, but others are at the early stages of looking.  You want both types.

Stage 1 - be really clear what you are really, really good at and the sort of businesses you
can help. Don't target everyone - it won't work. Target sectors, niches and other segments.


Stage 2 - make sure you are easy for them to find you online.  To do this you need a website that is well crafted to ensure you appear at the top of Google (Search Engine Optimisation is the jargon), appropriate use of social media and some great PR (lots of coverage on other websites, blogs and online publications)


Stage 3 - when people come to your website, you want to capture their email address quickly for future marketing. THis is where really strong content comes in. You need
lots of white papers, guides, checklists, case studies and reports that people can
download dotted throughout your website - but make sure they have to give their email


Stage 4 - now you are in the driving seat.  But many firms do little with the people who
join their mailing list.  Successful ones use modern software to build up detailed profiles
of their visitors, nuture them by email with further material that is relevant to them and,
when they look interested, phone them to arrange a meeting.



Kelso Consulting can help with all aspects, including:

  • Helping you create the strong ideas that will form the basis of great content for grabbing your visitors' attention (and gettng lots of social recommendations too)

  • All aspects of getting you to the top of Google

  • Helping ensure your website becomes a "lead generation machine"

  • All aspects of managing your inbound marketing campaign to generate a regular pipeline of warm leads

  • We are highly experienced in using the market leading HubSpot inbound marketing software (that automates much of the important activities, while giving great insights on every visitor to your website and lots of management information).  Click here for further details about Hubspot.


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