Jacky Morgan is a media relations specialist with 19 years' experience as a consultant advising both large corporates and SMEs, particularly those in the business-to-business and professional services fields.

Jacky Morgan

Jacky has managed communications campaigns for a range of businesses, including: a variety of UK and international legal and accountancy firms, insolvency specialists and fraud investigators, branding and design agencies, business-to-consumer insurance companies, marketing consultancy firms, and a wide range of SME business advisory firms.

She has also worked in-house, joining a major accountancy firm in 1995 and, from 1997, she was responsible for managing its UK press office and coordinating its EMEA PR network.

Jacky is fluent in Italian and understands French to a high standard, too.  In addition to a degree in Modern Languages, she has diplomas in Public Relations (CAM), Marketing (CIM) and Digital Marketing (CIM).

To hear from the CEO of one of her satisfied clients, GlobalExpense, please click here to view his interview.

To contact Jacky Morgan, please call her on 020 7242 2286 or email by clicking here