Keeping clients forever

Keeping clients forever


Presenting: Chris Matthews, SutherlandsPugh

 This webinar was presented on Friday 12 September 2014 between 12.30pm - 1.30pm. To secure your copy of the recording please click here


The truth is, keeping and growing clients doesn't happen by accident. It is nowhere near enough to do a great job and hope that more work flows from that - yet that is the strategy most firms take. Do a good job and cross your fingers....

Keeping clients forever

Keeping Clients Forever - Client relationship management is essential if you are to reduce your cost of client acquisition; build revenue and improve margins. Yet too few businesses go about CRM (AKA Key Account Management) in a systematic way.

On the other hand, some engage in techniques - such as portfolio management - that are inappropriate for all except the very largest of businesses. This webinar explains how to approach CRM and covers some simple tools for widening and deepening your clients’ engagement with you.


Chris has helped run and grow various businesses, and his record for keeping a client is over twenty years (despite four different people running the organisation during this time). In this example, the business went through good times and bad; and the amount of work given to Chris's company nonetheless increased enormously over that period. They also won further new business through this client's recommendation to others.


 About our speakers:

Chris Matthews is Managing Partner of SutherlandsPugh, a consultancy that helps professional services firms grow their top line. He has been advising professional services firms – lawyers, accountants, consulting engineers, actuaries and management consultants - for over twenty years.

Chris began his career with Arthur Andersen, before moving to communications, where he became CEO of one of Europe’s biggest financial PR and lobbying firms, which he doubled in size and quadrupled in profitability in just over four years. He then set up his own professional services firm and grew it from a single client to become a top ten business in its industry, with a record of unbroken growth for over a decade.

Tim Prizeman, director of Kelso Consulting. Like Chris he was also at Arthur Andersen (and Deloitte), and his details are on our website via this link.


This Kelso Consulting webinar took place on Friday 12 September between 12.30pm - 1.30pm. To secure your copy of the recording please click here.


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