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There are a lot of powerful tools and useful resources on the internet to help with business development.  Here are our thoughts on some of the most useful, and tips for getting the most out of them.


LinkedIn - a powerful business generation and intelligence tool if you use it well

LinkedIn for business development

LinkedIn combines business intelligence, social networking and a contacts database.  It is a hugely useful tool, with more capabilities being added all the time.  Please see our video and click here  to read our advice on getting the most from it.

Further resource - Using LinkedIn for business development

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Twitter for professional services and consultancy firms - a good use of your time?

Twitter thumbnail of Tim

Love it or hate it Twitter is now used by many millions of people.  It is also important to your website's ranking as Google now includes such social media links when it decides to make a website appear prominently in a search. However, Kelso's Tim Prizeman is still not a fan and shares his views on the much hyped-Twitter.

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Referrals are the best source of new business, yet few businesses manage this well

IanBrodie for getting new clients

Most businesses think they are doing enough to ensure their contacts recommend them, but when you look into it they really are missing a lot of tricks. 

There is lots of great advice on on how to subtly help your clients and contacts generate far more referrals for you.

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How to avoid turning crisis into a PR disaster - A lesson from Toyota

Risk management

Most businesses think they would not behave like Toyota if crisis happens. However, it is always essential to get prepared for a crisis beofre it comes up, especially for large organisations.

Therefore, making a communication plan and rehearsing for it is crucial to avoid turning crisis into a PR disaster.


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GlobalExpense's David Vine discusses the thought leadership campaign created by Kelso Consulting

David Vine, CEO of expenses management outsourcer GlobalExpense, discusses their successful use of thought leadership to drive growth and build a reputation as the industry leader.  

Of the award-winning campaign created by Kelso Consulting, he says: "In terms of positioning us as the industry leader, I think the Kelso team does an excellent job."

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