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This 1-hour webinar will cover how to ensure the launch of your B2B software or product in 2019 is a success, not a flop.

Our award-winning PR agency has helped numerous software, SaaS and other B2B tech businesses launch, and at this event, we will be sharing the dos and don’ts for ensuring a successful launch.

We'll also be looking at the "mindset traps" that many tech businesses inadvertently fall into... the damage they cause and how to overcome them.

At the webinar, we'll help you answer such questions as:

  1. When is the right time for my launch?

  2. What do I need to have ready for it to be successful?

  3. How you can generate press coverage and what you need to do before your press launch

  4. The importance of building credibility before your launch, and how to do it

  5. PR, awards and events… the ins and outs of everything you should be considering 

Looking to win enterprise clients?

We'll be answering "What has the most impact when it comes to impressing enterprise clients?" (it's not awards, analyst plaudits nor fancy marketing... we'll be covering the one thing you absolutely must have to impress enterprise clients).

Spoiler alert: 

Our experience is that tech businesses, especially new ones, launch too early with too little preparation.  The result is an avoidable flop that sets the business back.  We’ll help you ensure this won’t happen for your launch.



This event is particularly for...

  • CEOs and founders who want to know in advance how to ensure a successful launch for their B2B software, tech product or service

  • Marketing and sales directors who want their tech business’s launch to deliver great results and ensure strong growth

  • It is particularly for businesses that have experienced disappointing results for launches in 2018

This event is led by...

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Tim Prizeman is the author of The Thought Leadership Manual and a director with award-winning PR agency Kelso Consulting.


Tim has been working with B2B software, SaaS and technology businesses for over two decades, helping launch numerous businesses and services, and create market-leading reputations.