Perfecting your legal directory submissions: maximise your ranking in the legal directories

Appearing prominently in the legal directory rankings is hugely valuable for partners and their firms.  

But many law firms struggle with the submission process and find that sourcing, compiling, writing and submitting information for directories an overly time-consuming job. 

Many fall at the last hurdle and having spent huge efforts getting the information and referees, do not do themselves justice and submit weak and poorly drafted entries to the legal directories.

Kelso Consulting's legal directory help service provides support, experienced advice and a thorough review to prevent the common mistakes that hold law firms' rankings back and make the submission process more painful than it needs to be.

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Our Legal Directory Help Service includes: 

  • Early involvement to brief partners on what is, and isn't, achievable and the role they need to play in ensuring a successful outcome;
  • Arranging an all-important briefing meeting with the relevant section editor, and preparing partners for it;
  • Working with the in-house team to set a realistic timetable, with emphasis on the key elements that will make a difference to the practice's rankings;
  • Reviewing the draft submission, benchmarking it against requirements and recommending steps needed to improve the submission's strength;
  • Detailed feedback and advice at all stages of the drafting process;
  • A thorough proof-read at the end (it is amazing how even big law firms make a poor impression through submissions littered with typos and poor grammar)

Our legal directory help service is particularly suitable for key practice areas where firms feel they deserve a better ranking or are concerned that changes may mean their ranking is threatened.

We have helped a wide range of law firms improve their directory rankings, and including experience of working with:

  • Law firms who have previously not made submissions to Chambers and Legal 500
  • Overseas law firms
  • Patent attorneys

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