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Leading professional negligence solicitors appoint Kelso Consulting

By Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

PR campaign to create national press coverage for professional negligence law specialists

Solicitors NeglectAssist, one of the UK’s leading specialists in negligence law, has appointed Kelso Consulting to help it secPR_appointment_law_firm_NeglectAssisture prominent coverage in the national media – particularly their personal finance sections.

NeglectAssist, a trading name of Wixted & Co, one of the pioneers of “no win, now fee” arrangements in the professional negligence area, acts for people who have lost large sums of money through having been mis-sold investments– often costing them much or all of their life’s savings

Managing Partner Tim Wixted said: “We currently undertake a range of advertising measures to generate new business, and very much know the power and importance of the national media when it comes to reaching victims of mis-selling.

“Our typical client is someone who has been advised to buy an investment that was wildly inappropriate for them, often ones they were led to believe were ‘low risk’ – only to find out they have been sold something highly risky and probably recommended because of the high commission for the adviser.


“However, there is quite a range which also includes people who have been wrongly advised to transfer their final salary pension, which give guaranteed pensions, to direct contribution ones where the eventual pension depends on investment performance.

“We also act for a lot of people who have been recommended Self-Invested Personal Pensions, only to find that some or all of the investments recommend were risky, unregulated and sometimes outright scams.”

Tim Prizeman of Public Relations advisers Kelso Consulting said: “NeglectAssist does important work helping people who would otherwise face an impoverished retirement due to the greed or dishonesty of others.

“There are no doubt many further people who are victims of such mis-selling, but have yet to come forward. The campaign is very much about informing them of their rights."

“The PR campaign is firmly about using NeglectAssist’s frontline experience of protecting victims to warn private investors of the dangers so that those who sadly have fallen victim and lost their retirement nest egg know where to come for help and justice.t to realise it yet because of the complexities around them understanding the value of their investments.  This is dangerous as the longer they leave it, the fewer legal options they have for recompense.

“The campaign will be very much about building up the reputation of NeglectAssist as an expert commentator with the nationals, particularly ahead of the impending pension reforms, where the changes to annuities threaten to unleash the opportunity for extensive mis-selling.”


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Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Written by Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

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