contact us CTAOur proposition for law firms is straightforward… if you improve your reputation you will win more clients! 

But providing great  advice and dedicated service isn't enough to stand out in the crowded legal market... lots of your competitors do this too.   

If you are looking to stand out as the go-to firm in your areas of expertise and would like a highly-experienced boutique Public Relations agency to bring its deep experience so you achieve this quickly, Kelso Consulting is here to help you.

Lawyers implicitly know the fundamental value of a good reputation for attracting the best clients and recruits, yet the pressure of long hours means it is an area many firms neglect, perhaps also concerned that time will be invested for uncertain results. 

In fact being the go-to expert in a particular area is one of the most valuable positions that a partner and their firm can have!

You will be in good hands with us!  We have been working with law firm partners, barristers and their marketing teams for over 20 years continuously. We also work with the other professions, and financial and technology businesses too, allowing us to bring broad experience for our legal sector clients' benefit.

Our aim?  We looking to provide a great service, distinctive ideas and strong results so that we become your trusted communications adviser.

Securing high-impact media coverage is usually a core element of tactics we apply, together with a range of other important reputation-building services such as ensuring you have distinctive thought leadership, win awards, get speaking opportunities and have a strong digital reputation.

Our boutique service mirrors the partner-led approach provided by most law firms, with a highly-experienced senior PR consultant taking a hands-on lead both with advising you and when dealing with the media. 

The Kelso Consulting team includes Katy Dowell, former news editor of The Lawyer who, amongst other things, has written thousands of articles about the legal profession featuring interviews with partners across the Top 100. You can read blogs by Katy on legal PR issues here.

Standing out in the crowded legal market requires a strategic and planned approach

Whether you are looking for ongoing retained support or help with specific campaigns, standing out in the crowded legal market requires a strategic and planned approach, as well as creativity and insight. 

Providing this is very much part of our approach, and over the past 20 years our team has supported numerous law firms, ranging from UK and US international giants, regional commercial practices, specialist practices and barristers.

Whether it’s a specific project, ongoing support or ensuring sensitive matters have a low profile, we are happy to advise and guide you towards the best possible outcome.

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Neglect Assist: seeking justice for victims of investment frauds & misselling

Neglect Assist is one of the UK's leading specialists in negligence law, and specialises in fighting on behalf of victims of financial misselling for recompense.  Many of its clients have lost their entire pension funds and life's savings, with Neglect Assist acting on a "no win, no fee" basis.

We have worked with Neglect Assist both on thought leadership campaigns to position the firm's partners as expert commentators on such issues as pension reform, and also to use the power of the media to bring a swift resolution to cases, including rapidly bringing full compensation for victims.

Click here for further details. 

McGuireWoods: Corporate and employment law teams

McGuireWoods is one of America's largest law firms, and Kelso Consulting work in support of its European team in London providing press office support, as well as particular PR support placing articles and securing interviews for its employment law and corporate finance teams.

McGuireWoods targets large banking and international businesses, providing expert legal advice tailored for large organisations with teams in numerous locations.


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