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“I’ll Google it!” is a phrase that has become more common than doing the Hoovering or wrapping up a parcel with Sellotape.

Did you know that Google has around an 89% share of the search engine market? So how do you get a slice of the action?

In this workshop you will learn how Google uses Ads in its searches, how to set-up these ads and how to manage them so you gain a ROI.

Why you should attend this workshop:

Appearing prominently on Google is a powerful way to attract prospects to your business's website.

Using Google Ads as part of your online marketing will ensure your business appears prominently when prospects are actively searching online for advice and suppliers. 

However, ranking well on Google Ads isn’t plain sailing nor is it as easy as it used to be.

For instance, there are many things that will trip you up as Google frequently changes how its database works and may well penalise a technique you’re currently using.  Keeping control of your budget and preventing it being used-up too rapidly by poorly constructed pay per click campaigns is also a challenge for new users.



In this practical webinar we will cover...

In this webinar Dominic will share best practices for setting up a Google Ads account and campaigns for your business, and straight-forward ways to manage your account to ensure a ROI.  This will include:

  • Set-up, including: keywords, campaigns, Ad-groups, Ads, extensions, landing pages and conversion tracking.
  • Management:  including: campaigns/Ad-Groups, keywords/landing page alignment, keywords, landing pages, Ads, conversion tracking.
  • Dominic will also answer any queries and tackle your specific concerns or problems.


This event is particularly for...

This workshop is designed for partners and marketing managers in professional, consultancy, financial and other B2B businesses looking to increase the number of leads their website generates.

It is particularly for you if:

  • You have not used Google Ads and are interested in finding out more about their impact, cost and making them work for your business.

  • You have used Google Ads and it has not been a success... our webinar will help you discover best practices and areas for improvement to ensure your future campaigns bring better results!

This event is led by...

Dominic Renshaw Google Ads Expert

Dominic Renshaw founded AdExtra in 2011, as a way to support his passion for online marketing.  He is a qualified as a Google AdWords expert and Analytics Certified Partner, and is the driving force behind AdExtra’s success.

But he didn’t start out as a marketer. In fact, Dominic began his career with a degree in Law from Staffordshire University, before moving into retail. There, he gained extensive and in-depth knowledge of both marketing and general business operations, working for brands such as Selfridges, Harrods and Shell UK.

In 2004, he decided to take the plunge and become self-employed, running an events company for many years before he realised his dream and created AdExtra. 

Social media advertising campaign seminar

Tim Prizeman is a director with Kelso Consulting and author of The Thought Leadership Manual book. 

Tim has been advising financial and knowledge-based B2B businesses on building powerful reputations and winning work for over 20 years.  He has received four national marketing and PR awards for campaigns for thought leadership campaigns.  He has been dabbling in Google Ads for over 15 years and will be chairing the presentation.