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    Becoming a thought leader while furloughed - recording available

    The recording of our recent webinar on becoming a thought leader while furloughed is now available.

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    Popular media business buzz topics - Kelso research

    Kelso Consulting has been looking into the popular business buzz topics of 2020 and how they compared to recent years.

    To see some of the media's popular business topics of early 2020, and our views on the ones that will re-emerge after their near obliteration by coverage of the Covid emergency, click here to read our media buzz themes research.

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    Becoming a thought leader while furloughed - forthcoming webinar

    Sadly many consultants, including our clients, are being furloughed through the Covid-19 crisis hitting all manners of professions and sectors.

    Our forthcoming webinar is for those who want to use this time productively to develop their reputation for expertise, whether simply amongst their colleagues for their return to work, within their business network or even more widely in their industry.

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    Kelso Consulting: PR support for clients during the Covid crisis

    During this difficult time I am pleased to let you know that Kelso Consulting is operating as normal supporting existing clients and other businesses needing communications advice and implementation.

    We have always operated on the basis that our team should be able to work fully remotely whenever needed... although we were thinking more of a fire or flood when our agency enacted this principal many years ago.

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    What is the best length for my consultancy's blog posts?

    Posting quality articles on your website and elsewhere online should be the cornerstone of a consultancy's marketing.

    It demonstrates expertise while also being something of value you can share to clients, prospects and referrers that both provides value while subtly reminding them of the benefits you bring.

    Should you be concentrating on long detailed blogs that explore an idea thoroughly, or shorter punchy ones that give the topline

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    Successful blogging for consultants - forthcoming webinar

    Webinar: Successful blogging for consultancies

    Posting interesting blogs regularly on your website is an effective and straight-forward way for consultancies of all sizes to demonstrate their expertise and attract leads.

    Straight-forward, but often difficult for many to sustain, with common problems including:

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    What is the impact of thought leadership from management consultancies?

    Thought leadership is all about having interesting and attention-grabbing insights on the big problems facing your customers.

    You could be using these insights in interesting articles and blogs, well-argued reports and white papers, and also delivering them in videos, LinkedIn posts and of course face-to-face in meetings and when speaking at events.

    But is there research out there showing it brings commercial benefits for management consultancies?

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    Getting the best results from your management consultancy's PR agency

    One of our most visited blogs over the past few years discusses five ways for a law firm to improve its  relationship with their Public Relations agency.

    The advice in this equally applies to other professional and advisory firms selling high value services, such as management consultancies.

    We recently updated the blog... although not by much as its words

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    Generating powerful press coverage: what works for consultants

    Many consultancies of all sizes regularly appear in the UK's business and national media.

    But also many never appear, and often we find that they have misconceptions about what journalists want to write about and how consultancies can go about using the media to build powerful reputations.

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    Maximising the impact of your consultancy's thought leadership - Kelso webinar

    For management consultancies, your most important business asset is your consultants and their insights, their experience and the know-how they deliver to solve your clients' complex challenges.

    That is why you get lots of repeat assignments from your network of clients.  They have experienced the great work you deliver and are happy to keep reusing and recommending your consultancy.

    But it is a different story with prospects 

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    Topics: Upcoming Webinars, Thought Leadership

    Do this after our webinar! The key steps for improving your consultancy's thought leadership

    Sadly all the research on training effectiveness indicates that much training has little impact.

    Generally this is not a reflection on the quality of the training. It reflects the difficulty of people applying the lessons learned when they are "back in the office".

    If you listened to our recent webinar on

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    Getting your management consultancy to the top of Google

    If your consultancy does not appear prominently on Google when business owners are searching online for advice, you are missing out on one of the largest sources of leads for management consultancies.

    The good news is that most management consultancies

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