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Is your consultancy's thought leadership being built for success... or set to fail?

By Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Nine signs your thought leadership campaign will go wrong.. and how to sort it out

Your management consultancy is ambitious.  It sees an opportunity and wants to stand out as the go-to firm.  You want clients and prospects to recognise you as experts.

But standing out in a crowded market is difficult, so what could be better than an attention-grabbing "thought leadership" initiative?  After all, market leaders like Accenture, Clifford Chance, McKinsey and PwC do lots of it,

 as do many successful smaller practices.

For many consultancies, Thought Leadership begins here and nine months later it has grown into a successful project.Knotted Pipes Problem

But at others it is a different story: progress is slow; enthusiasm has ebbed; time and costs are high.

Often those projects that languish had failure "built in from the start" and major avoidable problems that have made failure.inevitable

How do you tell if your project is going to be a great success or if it is heading towards disaster?  Here are nine tell-tale signs:

1 - No senior champion

2 - Weak project management

3 - A committee is running the show

4 - Sales displacement activity

5 - It's "just a marketing initiative"

6 - Unclear objectives

7 - Doing Thought Leadership in areas you don't know well

8 - Shallow findings

9 - No thorough launch plan


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Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Written by Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Director of Public Relations agency Kelso Consulting. We specialise in working with B2B tech companies, management consultants and professional firms to help them stand out and win more business. We do this through award-winning PR skills and a proven approach to creating high-impact thought leadership that helps our clients stand out as leaders in their markets. I am the author of book The Thought Leadership Manual. Click here to request a preview copy:

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