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Management Consultants need not apply on LinkedIn

By Mai Rinaldi, Manager - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

What does your headline say on LinkedIn? If it simple declares you to be a ‘Management Consultant’, ‘Owner’ or ‘Managing Director’ then you are missing a major trick on LinkedIn; you should be using this to promote the difference you can make to clients!

Your headline is the text that appears immediately beneath your name and is a key part to getting you found on LinkedIn and driving people to engage. Equally it is your chance to appear dull and uninteresting – so get it right and use best practice for your headline on LinkedIn.

If indeed yours does describe yourself in such dull terms, congratulations for you are among the majority of LinkedIn users who a missing the chance to stand out on LinkedIn.

Instead of my job title my LinkedIn headline says: “Senior PR Manager at Kelso Consulting (Public Relations Consultants) creating winning PR through Thought Leadership” – guess you know exactly what we do now? I often change it to reflect different services too – like our social media expertise.managing_directors_need_not_apply.jpg

No doubt this piece of uncommon common sense instantly illustrates the potential that your headline has. Say something more powerful that explains what you do, better still the difference you make to your particular sector you serve as a Managing Consultant. Remember benefits are better than features!

This will help with searches for your skills on LinkedIn and can also help someone be sure they have found you. If your name is not unique and someone is trying to track you done, explaining more about what you do could help them find you.

Remember, each and every time you tweak your profile those within your network will get an update about it, so once again consider if your profile is in need of major surgery then you might want to use the toggle switch on the homeLinkedIn phone in pocket page (bottom of the right hand column) to stop updates going out until you’re ready. Each change can trigger enquiries!

We are sure you are already imagining the time it will take to sort out your LinkedIn profile? Have you considered getting professional help to improve your image as a management consultant on LinkedIn? We have a range of services to help businesses thrive on LinkedIn.




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Mai Rinaldi, Manager - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Written by Mai Rinaldi, Manager - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Mai is in charge of a wide range of administrative account issues; all focus on helping the team here at Kelso Consulting provide great public relations for our clients.