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    Successful blogging for consultants - forthcoming webinar

    Webinar: Successful blogging for consultancies

    Posting interesting blogs regularly on your website is an effective and straight-forward way for consultancies of all sizes to demonstrate their expertise and attract leads.

    Straight-forward, but often difficult for many to sustain, with common problems including:

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    Building a business-winning reputation for your management consultancy firm

    Our recent "Building a business-winning reputation" webinar looked at how consultancies can build a strong business-winning reputation, and how to get the communications strategy right to achieve this.

    This webinar is now available as a complimentary video 

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    What is the commercial value of a good vs bad communications strategy to your consultancy?

    Having a strong brand and value proposition provide biggest boost to sale value of SMEs

    What is the commercial value to your consultancy of having good a communications strategy and clear "value proposition"?

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    Management consultancy | measuring marketing ROI | return on investment

    It's time for management consultancies to be measuring the return on investment from their marketing 

    Gauging the return on investment of marketing activity is a fundamentally important metric for management consultancies looking to grow, yet many we meet struggle to know whether the  time and money spent on marketing produces an effective return.

    Many only measure short term metrics 

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    What can Netflix can teach management consultants about networking?

    Did you binge over Christmas? No, we don’t mean third helpings of turkey or a bloat of mince pies (it should be the collective noun!). Did you gorge yourself on Netflix? Have you seen House of Cards? Or did you finally see Breaking Bad? How about Orange is the New Black?

    With over three million users in the UK subscribing to Netflix for unfettered access to so many

    TV series and movies there is a good chance you have spent some time over the Christmas break streaming.

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    How to improve my marketing for my consultancy?

    Drip-drip marketing hardly brings in leads

    We've just held a seminar looking at how to make management consultant's sales pipelines work better.

    Before it, our participants assisted with some research.  It showed that many of them were already doing a lot of marketing, such as events and some sort of regular technical update or newsletters.  

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    Thought leadership for management consultants - forthcoming webinar

    Webinar: Thought leadership for management consultants

    Management consultancy firms are ideally placed to utilise "thought leadership" to create the sort of ideas that will grab the attention of senior executives and business owners.

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    Business networking and where many consultants go wrong!

    Kelso Consulting often hold seminars and webinars for clients and other friends of the firm with business winning specialist Chris Matthews.

    Our recent presentation on successful business networking featured many great tips of particular relevance for management consultants.

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    Don't get angry, don't even get even ... get consistent to grow your management consultancy

    Be "the Hotel Inspector" to improve your consultancy's sales success


    Most management consultancies are great at selling to their network. They do great work and get the occasional referral too, and also often pick up clients when their key contacts move to other firms.


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    London PR agency Kelso Consulting appointed by IT advisory specialists Coeus Consulting

    PR & thought leadership campaign for ambitious technology consultancy

    As part of its growth plans Coeus Consulting, which specialises in providing large organisations with experienced technology and sourcing advice has appointed Kelso Consulting as PR advisers in the UK.

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    Breaking the sales plateau at your consultancy

    Many management consultancies quickly hit a sales plateau.... and their growth stalls.

    They are do great work and their clients are happy to recommend and reuse them.

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