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    Getting your management consultancy to the top of Google

    If your consultancy does not appear prominently on Google when business owners are searching online for advice, you are missing out on one of the largest sources of leads for management consultancies.

    The good news is that most management consultancies

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    Being the authority: building a powerful reputation for your consultancy

    Most consultancy owners implicitly know that being recognised as an expert in a particular area is vital for their professional standing and winning new clients.

    This was strongly supported by recent research by professors Tim Morris and Will Harvey (Said Business School, Oxford and University of Exeter Business School respectively) who found thought leadership activity

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    New seminars & webinars for management consultancies

    PR advisors Kelso Consulting are hosting a series of seminars and webinars for management consultancies on a range of business development, public relations, social media and thought leadership issues in the first half of 2018. 

    We'd like to invite you do join us at them!

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    PR for Newbies guide

    What you need to know for ensuring a successful first encounter for your consultancy with the media in 2018

    Many management consultancy firms are regularly in the media, whether the national newspapers or the sector media read by the directors of their target industries.

    Many also avoid it, whether through apprehension about how to get started or fear that the media's power will somehow backfire.

    If your consultancy is looking to harness the power of the media in 2018 to build a strong brand and generate leads, make sure you read our PR for Newbies guide that recently appeared in Professional Marketing magazine.

    It covers all the things that you need to know to ensure a great outcome, but 

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    Is your consultancy's thought leadership being built for success... or set to fail?

    Nine signs your thought leadership campaign will go wrong.. and how to sort it out

    Your management consultancy is ambitious.  It sees an opportunity and wants to stand out as the go-to firm.  You want clients and prospects to recognise you as experts.

    But standing out in a crowded market is difficult, so what could be better than an attention-grabbing "thought leadership" initiative?  After all, market leaders like Accenture, Clifford Chance, McKinsey and PwC do lots of it,

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    Management consultancy | measuring marketing ROI | return on investment

    It's time for management consultancies to be measuring the return on investment from their marketing 

    Gauging the return on investment of marketing activity is a fundamentally important metric for management consultancies looking to grow, yet many we meet struggle to know whether the  time and money spent on marketing produces an effective return.

    Many only measure short term metrics 

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    Successful marketing is all about storytelling... but how do you make your stories stand out?

    "Successful marketing is all about storytelling" is an idea who's time has come... or a bit of a fad, depending on your perspective. Certainly the amount of articles about it seems to have risen exponentially in recent months.

    It wasn't always thus. I remember an occasion some 12 years

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    Getting your management consultancy to the top of Google - 6 easy steps

    At our recent webinar I shared a straight forward 6 step process for getting your management consultancy to the top of Google, which is a hugely valuable place for any business to be, including those professional practices selling high value services.

    I have found there are two sorts of attitudes amongst management

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    Getting partners to engage with marketing initiatives

    Whenever we ask people in management consultancy firms "What is your biggest marketing challenge?" invariably "Getting partners to engage" is high on the list.
    Why is it such a challenge?

    Most partners are keen to get more and better clients. If a marketing department or another part of the practice comes up with a ready made initiative that is quick, simple and appropriate forthem to implement...why wouldn't you jump on it?

    Of course life is not that rosy ... Continue Reading
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    Why we LOVE webinars - and so should you

    Webinars - here's why they should be a powerful part of your consultancy's marketing toolkit

    We've been holding webinars for several years as part of our PR agency's business development. They're not particularly sophisticated, but we get good feedback and people come back for more (and recommend them to their colleagues too). 

    Some people prefer to hold seminars instead - but it shouldn't be a choice between seminars and webinars: seminars are great too and we do them as well.

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    Why "thought leadership" is vital for successful consultants

    Why thought leadership is essential for consultants and their firms:

    "Thought leadership" is the term for activity that positions you and your business as a leading expert on an important area.

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    Taking the pain out of business case studies

    What's stopping you making more of case studies?  

    Case studies of your firm's great work and delighted clients are amongst the most effective and versatile forms of marketing.They are also amongst the cheapest forms of marketing - yet many firms fail to make the most out of them (and some barely have any at all).

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