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    What is the best length for my consultancy's blog posts?

    Posting quality articles on your website and elsewhere online should be the cornerstone of a consultancy's marketing.

    It demonstrates expertise while also being something of value you can share to clients, prospects and referrers that both provides value while subtly reminding them of the benefits you bring.

    Should you be concentrating on long detailed blogs that explore an idea thoroughly, or shorter punchy ones that give the topline

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    Topics: Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Blogging

    Getting to the top of Google - why SEO is an important but easy skill for management consultancies to master

    Got a problem or need a supplier? The first thing most people do now is look on Google.  You probably do too.

    And it is not just people looking for holidays and plumbers.... it is businesses looking for high-value

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    Topics: Consultants, Sales, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO

    Is your consultancy's shop window on Oxford Street or a back alley?

    Is it better to have a clothes shop on Oxford Street or a dank back alley? 

    Of course, it is a rhetorical question.

    We all know that it's easier to sell clothes where there are crowds of people shopping for the latest clothes.  If only there was an Oxford Street where executives go to buy consultancy services.

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