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Why management consultants should not promote their ‘company website’ on LinkedIn

By Mai Rinaldi, Manager - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Do you have your ‘Company Website’ displayed on LinkedIn, literally? The default setting for the link with your contact info is to your company web address and at first glance this makes sense.

In fact the Contact Info button – just below your number of connections on LinkedIn, is where your connections can easily discover your email, Skype address and telephone number. Other information includes being able to list up to three web addresses, include your ‘Company Website’

It means nothing and no one searches for ‘Company Website’ on LinkedIn any more than they do the web’s most popular hyperlink text of ‘click here’ on Google – which means nothing either! To be fair it does mean your company web address, but in an ideal world you would have more attractive language linking to your web collateral.

While the default is better than nothing, in fact LinkedIn is hopeful you will be more creative and you can edit a maximum of three web links to something much more useful and tempting so that people who view your profile can be directed to website.

On the menu bar beneath ‘Profile’ is ‘Edit your profile’ (clicking this will give you access to all aspects of editing your page). If you then click ‘Contact Info’ you will be able to edit this information and near the bottom you can see ‘Company Website’. Click the pencil next to this and you get the interface where you can change these details and several other panels too – we’ll cover these later.

You are given a choice of:LinkedIn_1.jpg

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website
  • Blog
  • RSS Feed
  • Portfolio
  • Other

Always choose the ‘Other’ and then in the next box type the tempting phrase that describes the web link you will type – or cut and paste to avoid typos – your web links. Think what is in it for them? Why should they click? You have up to 30 characters for your tempting text.

On my own profile I have the following three links:

  • Great PR and Social Media tips – which links to the Kelso PR website
  • Never used a PR company before – this links to a page on our website with lots of helpful guides which can be downloaded.
  • The Kelso PR Approach – which not surprisingly explains how we work with clients.

Also consider that someone making a decision over whether to contact you could use these links to find out more about you, so ensure the links always work and have a genuinely useful destination.

Helping Management Consultants get the most out of LinkedIn is part of the service Kelso PR offers with we Pimp your LinkedIn Profile or Pimp your team’s LinkedIn Profile to help generate the right kind of enquiries.


Topics: Consultants, Sales, Social Media

Mai Rinaldi, Manager - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Written by Mai Rinaldi, Manager - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Mai is in charge of a wide range of administrative account issues; all focus on helping the team here at Kelso Consulting provide great public relations for our clients.