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For management consultancies, thought leadership is the ideal way to showcase your prime asset... your insights and acumen.

Effective thought leadership campaigns give consultancies the reputation and tools to up-sell to existing clients and, most importantly, develop senior relationships at new prospects. 

Successful campaigns differentiate, build authoritative reputations, bring leads, grow practices and recent academic research found thought leadership campaigns to be one of only three proven ways for management consultancies to improve their reputation.

But despite the long history of thought leadership campaigns bringing impact and growth for management consultancies, many struggle to achieve success. 

Sometimes campaigns fail because the insights are weak and me-too, sometimes the role out of strong insights is haphazard, and sometimes they simply remain stuck in the planning stage, whether through client projects diverting attention or simply through analysis paralysis.

If you are looking for your consultancy to successfully deploy successful thought leadership campaigns with the minimum of angst then this 1-hour webinar is for you.



In this webinar, full of practical tips, we will cover...

  • Creating the business case, buy-in and getting an initiative mobilised at your firm… the critical first steps.
  • The key steps taken by those consultancies renowned for their thought leadership that stops weak findings.
  • Getting the biggest possible business development impact from your thought leadership activities.
  • Getting the PR right... what you need to know and where many launches go wrong.
  • Your questions answered.


Attendees will also receive

  • A recording of the webinar (video and podcast)
  • Recommended preparation steps (so you get the best from the webinar)
  • Useful checklists to help create successful thought leadership in 2019
  • A succinct recommended reading list.

This event is led by...

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Tim Prizeman is a director with public relations agency Kelso Consulting, which has a 20+ years' track record of working with management consultancies.  He is the author of The Thought Leadership Manual book. 

Tim has been advising management, strategy, IT and other types of consultancies on building powerful reputations and winning work for over 25 years.  He has received four national marketing and public relations awards for thought leadership campaigns he has devised and delivered.

This event is particularly for...

  • Partners and directors at consultancy firms involved with thought leadership campaigns as well as those with marketing responsibilities looking to undertake successful thought leadership in 2019

  • Marketing and communications managers at consultancy firms involved in planning and implementing thought leadership initiatives in 2019, as well as content marketing campaigns aimed at senior executives and business owners

{For very small practices, and sole practitioners who will be creating thought leadership largely themselves, we instead recommend our complimentary "Thought leadership on a budget" webinar}.