How to leverage your thought leadership like hell

There are far too many examples of businesses ploughing lots of resources into creating great reports and insights only to generate poor commercial results through failing to exploit their efforts properly.

Don’t let this happen to you. It’s no good waiting for the research to be analysesd or the report to be written before starting on your plans. It's already too late by then.

But what should you be doing with your insights? A big report, a podcast, a white paper, PR, seminars, podcasts, forums? If you do too little you won’t capitalise on it but if you do too much, you will get poor results from spreading yourself thinly. Moreover, ducking the issue until later is the worst option of all!

Based around a workshop with you and your team, together with initial preparation and follow-on support, we will ensure you are in the very best position to leverage the hell out of your thought leadership - not just for the launch but with a programme lasting months so you get maximum value from it.

What is the benefit to me?

This is all about ensuring you and your team are aligned behind clear, detailed realistic and specific plans to deliver your most important objectives through leads, press coverage, new business or key goals. 

Who is our Impact Maximiser workshop and support for?

This is for teams in the process of undertaking an important Thought Leadership initiative who want to get the very most marketing and sales "bang for the buck" from the launch of the report and subsequently afterwards.

It is particularly suitable for teams undertaking their first initiative, and also very much for firms whose past initiatives have not been well utilised. 

If you are launching a Thought Leadership or Lead Generation initiative and your plan involves a press release, a few emails, some tweets and a breakfast or two, then you definitely need to take part!


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