Seminar:  Creating a business development pipeline that actually works 

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Breakfast seminar - Autumn 2015 from 8am - 9.15am, Central London. 

Everyone is familiar with pipeline and funnel analogies for turning your leads into clients.

Creating new business pipelines

But many firms assume that the progression through them is essentially serendipitous and driven by the prospect.  Their contacts drop out of the process for one reason or another, presumably beyond the firm’s control, leaving at the end a rump of prospects who have arrived there because - well, who knows why?

According to this view, partners act like grizzly bears in a river with their mouths open, waiting for the salmon to swim up to them.

This is not how it should work!  

In fact, potential clients will move through your pipeline only because of the actions you take at different stages.  

Sure, some prospects will drop out along the way, but that is different to the situation in many firms where they languish and disappear because people forget to follow things up properly.  It is also about your firm choosing to disengage with others because they aren't a great fit.

Oil and water pipelines have pumps, valves and all sorts of sophisticated controls to make sure things are flowing smoothly in the right direction at the optimum speed. At many firms their pipeline has no pump, and few controls and metrics!

Creating new business pipelines This joint seminar from Kelso Consulting and Sutherlands is for firms that want a pipeline with a pump, not one that relies on gravity.  It will look at the different stages and interventions needed at different points to keep the BD pipeline delivering. 

About our speakers:

Chris Matthews is Managing Partner of Sutherlands, a consultancy that helps professional services firms grow their top line. He has been advising professional services firms – lawyers, accountants, consulting engineers, actuaries and management consultants - for over twenty years.

Chris began his career with Arthur Andersen, before moving to communications, where he became CEO of one of Europe’s biggest financial PR and lobbying firms, which he doubled in size and quadrupled in profitability in just over four years. He then set up his own professional services firm and grew it from a single client to become a top ten business in its industry, with a record of unbroken growth for over a decade.

Tim Prizeman is a director with PR agency Kelso Consulting. Like Chris his early career included Arthur Andersen (and also Deloitte), and he is the author of the forthcoming book The Thought Leadership Manual .  He will be case studying Kelso's use of technology to move from a grizzly bear model to a proper metric-driven pipeline.


Breakfast seminar - Autumn 2015 from 8am - 9.15am, Central London. Click here to be kept informed about this seminar. 

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