Personal finance Public Relations


Personal finance Public Relations


Kelso Consulting's team has been dealing with personal finance Public Relations campaigns and the financial media - particularly the nationals and the many freelance journalists who cover this area - continuously for over 20 years.

Our personal finance Public Relations experience is broad and extensive covering a wide range of tax, insurance, debt, property, retirement, financial products, inheritance and wealth management stories. Recent PR campaigns have covered such matters as pension freedoms, residential property issues, Wills & Powers of Attorney, the financial impact of divorce; Sipps (Self Invested Personal Pensions), peer-to-peer investing, and Open Banking.

We have particular experience in pension matters and have helped a number of clients both promote their expertise and join the debate on how the nation's ageing workforce can be provided with a comfortable retirement. Our team is skilled at devising and implementing campaigns covering all aspects of tax (personal, VAT, and corporate) - including ensuring regular coverage at Budget time, the end of financial year, around the Autumn Statement, and throughout the year too.

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Important keys to success with the personal finance media:

personal finance public relationsIn many parts of the media, journalists move jobs frequently and often do not have in-depth knowledge of the issues on which they write. This is NOT the case with the personal finance media.  For instance, some of our team members dealt with the national newspapers' personal finance editors when they entered Public Relations 25 years ago... and some of these journalists are still there over two decades on!

A conservative approach brings best results

With the personal finance media, the sensationalism, faddism and exaggeration that works with some consumer and lifestyle areas has to be avoided at all costs.

These journalists are in it for the long-term, and they are only looking to deal with firms with that outlook tooFor instance, many personal finance journalists are published authors and experts in their own right, and they know just how influential their publications are with their readers. . The last thing these journalists want is readers contacting them in five years time claiming to have lost thousands of pounds from a product they invested in as a result of the journalist's piece! 

Personal finance journalists' conservative approach reflects the need to both protect their readers and maintain their reputation, and PR campaigns need to approach them with this in mind, combined with creativity and fresh ideas to bring fresh ideas to personal finance issues.. after all, they have been writing about pensions and mortgages for decades and want something interesting!  This is the approach that Kelso Consulting can help you deliver.


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