Public Relations case study: 

High-impact campaign for life sciences specialist


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PR case study: Pharma sector consultancy

Kelso Consulting's work with specialist pharma and biotech management consultancy Novasecta has dramatically and quickly raised its profile in the media influential with its c-suite clients - the top international news titles and the leading trade publications.

Download the full case study to read why Novasecta undertook the campaign, why it chose Kelso Consulting, how the PR campaign supports its other business development activities, and how prominent results were quickly achieved and then sustained. 

management consultancy PR case study

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Download the full case study of this PR campaign

About Novasecta

Novasecta is a London-based management consultancy that helps leading pharma and biotech companies to achieve significant performance improvement and sustainable growth.

Its team of experienced consultants works with CEOs, COOs and senior leaders to address their biggest strategic challenges, applying their deep industry knowledge and experience to add practical insight and analysis.Novasecta logo.jpg


Key benefits delivered for Novasecta include...

  • Continuous high-impact media coverage for Novasecta in the top international pharma and management titles highlighting their knowledge, research and expertise on the strategic and operational challenges faced by c-suite executives in this sector.
  • When important events happen in the pharma sector that concern its senior executives, they will now be reading the views of Novasecta in the reports from the world's top media.