Public Relations agency for management consultancies


Public Relations agency for Management Consultants 


Our clients range from small and specialist consultancies (such as business advisers, IT strategy and business psychologists) to the world's largest technology consultancies. Kelso Consulting brings the necessary experience to help them secure prominent press coverage, not just in business publications but also in the high-impact national newspapers and television.

Getting great media coverage is just one part of our support for our management consultancy clients. Our team specialists ensure that campaigns deliver the maximum business development impact and new business leads through combining thought leadership, PR know-how, LinkedIn and other marketing elements.

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Helping consultants grab the attention of clients and journalists

thought leadership for management consultants

An important element is ensuring that your campaign is anchored around distinctive insights that will grab the attention of your clients and prospects. This is generally called 'thought leadership'.  

We are award-winning for such campaigns (including campaigns for consultancies) and have a long track record of ensuring our consultancy clients become media commentators and recognised experts.

Often - dare we say it - journalists are sceptical towards management consultants!  

We are used to successfully overcoming this. Management consultants with their broad perspectives and analytical abilities are strongly placed to be successful media commentators and trusted board-level advisers. Our campaigns help consultancy firms achieve this.


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