Public Relations case study:

PR Case Study: Public Realations agency transforms management consultancy's reputation



Management consultancy uses kelso consulting to transform reputation


PR campaign delivers a strong impact with senior exec's at multinational businesses

Kelso Consulting worked with ambitious management consultancy McKinney Rogers to build recognition and enhance its credibility amongst some of the hardest-to-reach executives - the "C-suite" of large international businesses.  The campaign generated widespread coverage in the world's top media and brought new Fortune 500 clients.

Prior to using Kelso Consulting, McKinney Rogers gained only limited coverage in British mid-market business magazines (coverage which may well have been right for many businesses - but was not appropriate for them).  We quickly and dramatically changed this to reflect their business focus.

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About consultants McKinney Rogers 

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McKinney Rogers transform the way leadership teams think about strategy in order to ensure they are ready and able to beat the competition.

Building on the Mission Command philosophy, widely and successfully used throughout NATO military forces, McKinney Rogers brings a strong focus and distinctive tools to ensuring clarity and measurement to help management focus on achieving those tasks critical to the business's success.


Key business benefits delivered for our client...

Our approach included devising and implementing a range of media relations, case study and thought leadership activities to effectively communicate their distinctive leadership and strategy excution approach, and the benefits it delivered.

We successfully set about lifting management consultancy McKinney Rogers’ coverage into the world’s top tier business media (such as the Financial Times, Economist, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the BBC), bringing new clients from amongst the Fortune 500.