Public Relations case study:

Kelso helps solicitors secure victory for financial misselling victim





Public Relations campaign helps solicitors secure justice for financial misselling victim

A long-standing client of Kelso Consulting are solicitors Neglect Assist who specialise in fighting on behalf of victims of financial misselling for recompense, many of whom have lost their entire pension funds and life's savings.

Sometimes its clients are victims of investment schemes that are fraudulent from the start, but mostly they have been recommended risky or otherwise inappropriate investments by banks, building societies and financial advisers

One such victim was Mr Impey, who had lost £35,000 on Scottish Widows investments following the recommendation of Lloyds Bank.

Despite a clear ruling from a judge ordering £75,000 of compensation to cover losses, as well as scathing comments about the poor quality of advice provided by the bank, Lloyds was determined to appeal the case - adding further delay and stress to their victim, not to mention a strong chance that the ruling would be reversed.

Read how Kelso Consulting used the power of the media to help secure justice and compensation for Neglect Assist's client. 

About Neglect Assist

London-based solicitors Neglect Assist specialises in helping victims of financial misselling secure justice. Victims who often have lost much or all of their life's savings.

It is one of the UK’s leading specialists in negligence law. It has a wealth of experience in pursuing and successfully claiming on behalf of thousands of clients and was one of the pioneers of “No Win, No Fee” agreements in negligence legal pr consultancy

It has been working with Public Relations advisors Kelso Consulting for several years. We ensured a regular flow of expert comment and case studies appearing in the national newspapers. This coverage has increased website traffic, improved conversion rates and helped bring many new clients. 

legal pr case study

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Key business benefits delivered for  solicitors Neglect Assist include:

  • Generating prominent press coverage to its website which increased the proportion of visitors getting in contact by 50%.
  • Attaching material from the campaign to letters to prospective clients increased the number of qualified leads signing up as customers to 95%.
  • £100,000s of additional damages secured for clients (important for a law firm operating on "no win, no fee").

To find out how leading financial misselling lawyers NeglectAssist worked with Kelso Consulting to use the power of the media to bring a swift resolution to one of its case, including rapidly bringing full compensation for the victim, please click here to download a full copy of this technology Public Relations case study.