The expression 'first impressions count' is never truer during crises where poor initial reactions can leave companies with damaged reputations and executives with little credibility.

In the emerging age of social media when everyone is empowered to broadcast instantly on the internet, the ability to anticipate and respond rapidly to problems is critical to limiting damaging coverage.

Kelso Consulting's team has extensive experience handling the media relations around major crises and other critical events. Most importantly, we also have huge experience in providing advice that has minimised negative coverage - often preventing any coverage appearing through early and decisive action.

The ways in which we help clients include:

  • Crisis communication planning and rehearsals - the army holds mock exercises rather than expect its soldiers to learn the basics on the battlefield - the same applies to businesses!  We work with businesses to ensure they have a realistic and workable response plan. We also ensure it is rehearsed so key people know what to do when a crisis hits (this is the vital step between a successful and failed plan).

  • Crisis support - our team is available to provide experienced assistance at critical times.

  • Pre-emptive action - it is better to prevent harmful coverage altogether at an early stage than to ignore the problem until all you can do is limit the consequences of negative coverage. Our team has extensive experience and success in ensuring sensitive issues do not make the headlines at all. We are able to provide expert advice and early action to ensure sensitive issues don't blow up into PR disasters.

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