Public Relations case study:

Dramatic increase in audit tender invites for accountants



PR for accountancy firm brings audit wins


Accountancy firm goes from "never" to "always" on the tender list

The firm was in the position of being a "best kept secret" in their specialist market. Their insurance sector clients thought that they were great, and valued the high level of technical expertise its partners had - yet no one outside of their client base knew about the firm.

The impact of this meant, amongst other problems,
they were never invited for audit tenders.

With a major regulatory change happening that would effect all businesses in the Lloyd's market, Kelso Consulting devised and helped deliver a major campaign to highlight our client's expertise, increase its brand awareness, generate leads, and enable it to build relationships with finance directors and other decision-makers.

Accountancy media relations case study

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About our client

Our client, a mid-tier accountancy firm with a practice that has worked in the Lloyd's of London reinsurance market for over a century.

With impending major changes, it had identified a strategic need to raise its profile as an expert on compliance and regulatory issues affecting insurance brokers and other businesses in the market.




Key business benefits delivered for our client...

Over a relatively short period of time, the result was profound. Within a year of the campaign being devised the firm had gone from "never on the tender list"' to "always on the tender list" within their target market and as a direct result had won its biggest ever audit.

It was clear the campaign was succeeding before then though. Through the way it was devised, there were lots of clear indicators of success that could be measured as the campaign progressed. These included: requests for their technical compliance guides; feedback from clients; attendance at the seminars; the number of "follow up" meetings arranged after the seminars; and the increase in number of audit tender invitations.