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Building your reputation in 2020: January house - keeping

By Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Ensuring you are building your reputation in 2020 - key actions for early January

You may well be returning from a well-earned Christmas break with plans for growing your practice in 2020.

Professionals implicitly know that it is their reputation that opens doors and helps clinch sales, yet many sell themselves short. 

Today is a great day for making sure that isn't going to be you in 2020!

Early January provides a good time to ensure the basics are in place to ensure you are successfully attracting the right sort of clients in 2020 (and indeed not inadvertently putting off potential leads).

For most professional firms, the partner profile pages on their website are amongst the most-visited pages. Yet often these pages are cobwebby and generic. 


Action 1 - look at your profile page on your website and update it

Impressive websiteDoes you page do you justice? Does it have up to date information about your experience and areas of expertise appearing prominently.

Does it reference recent projects, articles, press coverage, awards, testimonials and other accolades.

Will it immediately impress the sort of clients you are looking to attract in 2020?

If not, change it now to make it as impressive as possible: this is the page your prospects will invariably be looking at in 2020.


Action 2 - look at your profile page on your LinkedIn and update it

Many professionals sell themselves short on their LinkedIn profiles, even though this is a page many prospects will refer to before contacting a professional or ahead of a meeting.

Typical problems with LinkedIn profiles include:

  • LinkedInVague titles and descriptions (eg "partner" or "consultant") rather than highlighting areas of importance ("leading xx expert").
  • Having out of date posts featuring prominently. For instance, you won't look like a go-to expert in your area if your most prominent post is dated 2018!
  • Generic descriptions that position professionals weakly as generalists rather than strongly in the areas important to their reputation.


Action 3 - building the reputation of you and your practice in 2020

A great reputation rarely comes from word of mouth alone. Successful professionals invariably give it a strong helping hand, whether through networking, marketing communications, awards and/or press coverage.

Early January is also often the perfect time for thinking about the year ahead, your goals and major initiatives, and how you need to build you reputation to help achieve these. 

We'll be covering this in our blog next week. Click here to subscribe and be alerted when it appears.

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Topics: Sales, Public Relations, LinkedIn, Website

Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Written by Tim Prizeman, Director - Kelso Consulting (Public Relations agency)

Director of Public Relations agency Kelso Consulting. We specialise in working with B2B tech companies, management consultants, financial and professional firms to help them build business-winning reputations. We do this through award-winning PR skills and a proven approach to creating high-impact thought leadership campaigns. I am the author of The Thought Leadership Manual: