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    Kelso Consulting in Startups magazine

    Kelso's Tim Prizeman was quoted in Startups Magazine this week sharing our experience of using virtual landlines at our PR agency.

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Kelso Consulting in ICAEW

    Kelso's Tim Prizeman is in the current ICAEW Insights magazine lamenting the unwillingness of accountancy firms to adopt personas (some people use the term archetypes) to add more bite to their targeting and communications.

    Full disclosure - yes, we use personas at Kelso or we wouldn't advocate them. One of them is called Accounting Andy :)

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Breaking into crowded markets

    Kelso Consulting in RBS's Business Hub article on breaking into crowded markets

    What do start-ups and scale-ups need to do to break into already crowded markets?

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    Topics: Sales, PR, B2B, Scale-up

    Kelso Consulting in The Guardian

    Kelso’s Tim Prizeman is in The Guardian today talking about how he uses Amazon's Alexa at work and home to help optimise his time.

    How do you ensure a newspaper uses your picture in an article rather than someone else’s?   Here is one of our tips… stick a cute dog on your lap for the photo!

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Kelso Consulting in Elite Business Magazine

    My latest article on PR, which appeared recently in Elite Business Magazine, covers the opportunities for coverage for SME businesses in the national and business media.

    Examples of the sorts of opportunities for SME businesses looking for national media coverage include:

    • Being the expert.  There is a huge demand from business publications for advice to help readers (my article in Elite Business is a case in point).  
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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Making Google Ads work for your B2B business


    Google Ads are used by many businesses and can be a very cost-effective way of generating leads. 

    However, others shy away from them - some are unsure of how to set them up, while others are convinced they won't work for their market (although in 9 out of 10 times such beliefs are generally unfounded in our experience!).

    Because we felt more of our clients should be considering Google Ads for campaigns, we teamed up with Google Ads expert Dominic Renshaw of AdExtra who on our recent webinar gave an excellent explanation of what is involved and how to set up and maintain a successful campaign.

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    Topics: SEO, Website, Professional firms, B2B, Google Ads, PPC

    What is the impact of thought leadership from B2B businesses?

    Thought leadership is all about having interesting and attention-grabbing insights on the big problems facing your customers.

    You could be using these insights in interesting articles and blogs, well-argued reports and white papers, and also delivering them in videos, LinkedIn posts and of course face-to-face in meetings and when speaking at events.

    But is there research out there showing it brings commercial benefits for B2B businesses?

    Yes, there's plenty!

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    Topics: Thought Leadership, Reputation, B2B

    Getting your business off the ground by building  & using your network

    Kelso Consulting's Tim Prizeman is quoted in a recent article for RBS's banking clients full of tips on getting your business off the ground... an area where we have plenty of experience from working with start-ups and scale-ups over the past 20 years.

    As we all know, it is both what you know and who you know that matter, and being able to mobilise this for your benefit.  In it Tim advises: 

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    Topics: Marketing, Networking, B2B

    New webinars unveiled for 2019 by Kelso Consulting "reputation builders"

    Kelso Consulting has a busy schedule of webinars to help businesses make 2019 a successful year despite the ominous economic backdrop.

    Indeed, with caution currently widespread clearly and strongly communicating your credibility, value and distinctive proposition will be even more important for businesses looking to grow.

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    Topics: Upcoming Webinars, Growth, B2B

    Getting your B2B firm to the top of Google - SEO tips

    Many B2B firms miss out on one of the most effective sources of new leads.... the first page of Google when prospects are searching.

    While some firms put in the effort and, as a result, generate a regular flow of suitable leads, many others either fail to make it a priority or are in denial about its benefits (which of course becomes a self-fulling prophecy).

    Our recent webinar provided a 6-step process to help B2B businesses, especially professional, consultancy and tech firms, get to the top of Google for the keywords that matter for them.

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    Topics: Upcoming Webinars, Search Engine Optimisation, Legal Marketing, SEO, Website, Inbound Marketing, B2B, Blogging


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