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    Said the wrong thing to the media? When should you come clean?

    Today's reporting on the ongoing and unpleasant Carl Beech saga (the made up fantasies about a Westminster paedophile ring) revolves around the police statement at a now infamous press conference that Beech and his lies were "credible and true".

    The problem for the police is that we now know what he said was not true and he was not very credible either.  The key question is at what point did the police realise he was not very credible either and why did they say his allegations were true... and why were they slow to correct this.

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    Preparing for a live CNBC television interview: video guide

    We often have clients interviewed on TV and radio. Recently a request came through at particularly short notice and we looked for a good broadcast interview explainer video on YouTube to send to the interviewee to help them prepare. To our surprise we couldn't find anything suitable, so we've done one.

    It is in four parts, the first one is about why being on CNBC is very powerful for building your reputation as an expert (should you need persuading!), and the second is all about the preparation you should do to give a really successful interview.

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    Ensuring your TV & radio interviews are a success

    Getting ready for a television or radio interview?  Here's what you need to do....

    We regularly have clients appearing on TV and radio interviews as expert commentators, and are often involved with helping people prepare for broadcast interviews which have, invariably, appeared at short notice.
    We prefer for spokespeople to have benefited from formal media training.  Until you have done a broadcast interview it is hard to realise just how adrenalised a situation it can be, especially live broadcasts. 
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