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    Welcome to our marketing tips to help your firm grow

    January house-keeping (2) - getting your marketing balance right between short-term and Evergreen

    Opportunism is often good in marketing. Speed and timing can combine powerfully to grab headlines and stand out.

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    Measuring Marketing ROI - Is my email marketing working?

    If you are one of the professional partnerships that sends out a quarterly or so email to your prospects with lots of images and a long list of items, this article is for you.

    Do you usually read such emails when you get them?  Me neither!

    They usually look really spammy.  It surprises me so many professional services firms still send these out when they would not dream of bothering to read such an email themselves.

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    Topics: Marketing, Return on Investment, Marketing ROI, Inbound Marketing, Email marketing

    Getting your business off the ground by building  & using your network

    Kelso Consulting's Tim Prizeman is quoted in a recent article for RBS's banking clients full of tips on getting your business off the ground... an area where we have plenty of experience from working with start-ups and scale-ups over the past 20 years.

    As we all know, it is both what you know and who you know that matter, and being able to mobilise this for your benefit.  In it Tim advises: 

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    Topics: Marketing, Networking, B2B

    PR for newbies, what you really need to know to ensure a successful first encounter with the media

    Forget about press release “how to's” and guides on press list preparation, this article from Kelso Consulting (which first appeared in Professional Marketing magazine) sets out what you really need to know to prepare newbies for their first press encounter, as well as anticipate the questions they will have for you and the hidden fears they harbor.

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    Topics: Marketing, Public Relations, Professional firms

    Measuring Marketing ROI - Is my PR working?

    Measuring ROI on Public Relations

    Over the years there has been numerous attempts by various people to give a "value" to press coverage so Managers could compare specific items of press coverage and say things such as "Wow, that was a great bit of coverage it scores a 98, whereas that coverage wasn't so good as it only gets a 15". 

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    Topics: Marketing, Public Relations, ROI, Marketing ROI, PR

    Measuring marketing ROI - websites

    Clarity of purpose is at the heart of measuring your website's effectiveness and ROI

    There is a wealth of data freely and immediately available on how your website is performing. If you have marketing oversight and are not getting a regular report on how your website is performing, you need to change this immediately!
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    Topics: Marketing, Legal Marketing, ROI, Website, Return on Investment, Marketing ROI

    Measuring marketing ROI - not mission impossible!

    Gauging marketing's Return on Investment a fundamental many professional firms neglect

    Many businesses we meet struggle to know whether the amount of time and money they spend on marketing is producing an effective return.

    It is a common problem, but it needn't be this way.

    By contrast, many B2B businesses, especially sales-led ones, have good metrics and a clear idea of the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

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    Topics: Marketing, Legal Marketing, ROI, Return on Investment, Marketing ROI

    New dates announced for our Public Relations & Marketing clinics in London and Berkshire

     Each month, Kelso Consulting has an informal 'PR clinic' where we listen to your PR, social media, sales and marketing challenges and offer helpful advice... all for free.

    These take place regularly in our central London office, near Oxford Street in W1, and also in Newbury, Berkshire - where we support technology and consultancy businesses in the Thames Valley, Oxfordshire and Hampshire areas.

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