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    Dominant topics in the UK media: 2017-20 research

    What are the current popular current themes in the media? 

    Well, no prizes for suggesting virus-related articles completely dominate everywhere.  How different the first quarter of this year looks to the recent past.

    Our research into the major themes across the UK media since 2017 shows that in March 2020 alone there were over 1.3 million articles mentioning the Corona Virus (or Covid-19). 

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    Topics: Communications, media, Media Buzz Phrases Research

    Kelso Consulting in Startups magazine

    Kelso's Tim Prizeman was quoted in Startups Magazine this week sharing our experience of using virtual landlines at our PR agency.

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Kelso Consulting in ICAEW

    Kelso's Tim Prizeman is in the current ICAEW Insights magazine lamenting the unwillingness of accountancy firms to adopt personas (some people use the term archetypes) to add more bite to their targeting and communications.

    Full disclosure - yes, we use personas at Kelso or we wouldn't advocate them. One of them is called Accounting Andy :)

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Kelso Consulting in The Guardian

    Kelso’s Tim Prizeman is in The Guardian today talking about how he uses Amazon's Alexa at work and home to help optimise his time.

    How do you ensure a newspaper uses your picture in an article rather than someone else’s?   Here is one of our tips… stick a cute dog on your lap for the photo!

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Kelso Consulting in Elite Business Magazine

    My latest article on PR, which appeared recently in Elite Business Magazine, covers the opportunities for coverage for SME businesses in the national and business media.

    Examples of the sorts of opportunities for SME businesses looking for national media coverage include:

    • Being the expert.  There is a huge demand from business publications for advice to help readers (my article in Elite Business is a case in point).  
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    Topics: PR, B2B, media


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