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    Why awards help build your reputatation

    Awards help firms of all sizes stand out

    Ambitious businesses looking to establish a leadership position in their markets should have awards as powerful proof-points.  If you don't have some, you need to get them!

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    Kelso Consulting in Startups magazine

    Kelso's Tim Prizeman was quoted in Startups Magazine this week sharing our experience of using virtual landlines at our PR agency.

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Kelso Consulting in ICAEW

    Kelso's Tim Prizeman is in the current ICAEW Insights magazine lamenting the unwillingness of accountancy firms to adopt personas (some people use the term archetypes) to add more bite to their targeting and communications.

    Full disclosure - yes, we use personas at Kelso or we wouldn't advocate them. One of them is called Accounting Andy :)

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    Breaking into crowded markets

    Kelso Consulting in RBS's Business Hub article on breaking into crowded markets

    What do start-ups and scale-ups need to do to break into already crowded markets?

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    Topics: Sales, PR, B2B, Scale-up

    Kelso Consulting in The Guardian

    Kelso’s Tim Prizeman is in The Guardian today talking about how he uses Amazon's Alexa at work and home to help optimise his time.

    How do you ensure a newspaper uses your picture in an article rather than someone else’s?   Here is one of our tips… stick a cute dog on your lap for the photo!

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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    Kelso Consulting in Elite Business Magazine

    My latest article on PR, which appeared recently in Elite Business Magazine, covers the opportunities for coverage for SME businesses in the national and business media.

    Examples of the sorts of opportunities for SME businesses looking for national media coverage include:

    • Being the expert.  There is a huge demand from business publications for advice to help readers (my article in Elite Business is a case in point).  
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    Topics: PR, B2B, media

    GMDN Agency appoints Kelso Consulting

    The GMDN Agency, based in Oxfordshire's fast-growing science cluster around Milton Park, has appointed Kelso Consulting as the first public relations agency in its 20-year history.

    The Agency is a not-for-profit body that oversees the Global Medical Device Nomenclature, the naming convention for the millions of medical devices used in hospitals and elsewhere around the world.

    Its scope ranges from basic items such as bed screens and scalpels, right through to highly sophisticated devices such as implants, and machines such as scanners and air ambulances.

    The nomenclature

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    Topics: Public Relations, LinkedIn, PR, PR Appointments, Thames Valley, Oxfordshire

    Said the wrong thing to the media? When should you come clean?

    Today's reporting on the ongoing and unpleasant Carl Beech saga (the made up fantasies about a Westminster paedophile ring) revolves around the police statement at a now infamous press conference that Beech and his lies were "credible and true".

    The problem for the police is that we now know what he said was not true and he was not very credible either.  The key question is at what point did the police realise he was not very credible either and why did they say his allegations were true... and why were they slow to correct this.

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    Topics: Public Relations, Crisis, PR Disaster, PR, Interview techniques

    Ensuring your TV & radio interviews are a success

    Getting ready for a television or radio interview?  Here's what you need to do....

    We regularly have clients appearing on TV and radio interviews as expert commentators, and are often involved with helping people prepare for broadcast interviews which have, invariably, appeared at short notice.
    We prefer for spokespeople to have benefited from formal media training.  Until you have done a broadcast interview it is hard to realise just how adrenalised a situation it can be, especially live broadcasts. 
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    Topics: Growth, PR, interviews, Radio, Interview techniques, Broadcast, Television

    Are you a thought leader?

    Elements of being a thought leader include being knowledgeable and recognised for having interesting views and insights.

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    Topics: Thought Leadership, Public Relations, PR

    New association for iNEDs appoints Kelso for financial media coverage ahead of launch

    AiNED, the new professional association for independent non executive directors, has appointed Public Relations agency Kelso Consulting to help generate press coverage in the financial and business media ahead of its launch in Autumn 2018

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    Topics: Public Relations, PR, PR Appointments, Compliance

    World's first cyber insurance comparison engine launched by PR agency Kelso Consulting

    Cyber risk and incident response specialists STORM|Guidance, creators of the world’s first Cyber Insurance comparison engine, Cyber|Decider , have appointed Kelso Consulting to help launch and build awareness through the UK’s insurance media.

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    Topics: Public Relations, Technology, PR, Cyber Insurance, Insurance, Insurtech

    The Lawyer & Insurance Times journalist joins Public Relations advisors

    We are delighted to welcome Katy Dowell, who has just joined as our PR Features Manager. She will oversee all aspects of the scores of features we place in business publications each month for our clients, ensuring the whole process goes smoothly.

    Katy is a highly experienced business journalist having previously worked on two of Britain’s top legal and insurance business magazines - The Lawyer and Insurance Times.

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    Topics: Public Relations, Lawyers, PR, PR Appointments, Insurance, Professional firms

    Public Relations Berkshire | Editorial Articles Manager | vacancy recruiting!

    Kelso Consulting is recruiting for an experienced journalist or Public Relations practitioner.

    Public Relations agency Kelso Consulting is looking for an Editorial Articles Manager to join our team in Newbury, Berkshire, this post is part-time and flexible, and would particularly suit a former journalist.

    We are an award-winning B2B public relations consultancy in the Thames Valley, 

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    Topics: Public Relations, PR, PR Appointments, Jobs, Vacancies, Thames Valley

    Public Relations account executives sought:  Kelso Consulting is recruiting!

    Kelso Consulting is recruiting for a Junior PR Account Executive and a Senior PR Account Executive for our office in Newbury, Berkshire.

    Public Relations agency Kelso Consulting is looking for great PR professionals to join our team in Newbury, Berkshire, and have vacancies at Junior and Senior PR Account Executive levels.

    We are an award-winning B2B public relations consultancy in the Thames Valley, 

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    Topics: Public Relations, PR, PR Appointments, Jobs, Vacancies, Thames Valley

    Wiltshire-based whistleblowing & software specialist Expolink appoints PR agency Kelso Consulting

    Expolink (, global specialists in outsourced whistleblowing hotlines and case management software, has appointed Kelso Consulting as its public relations agency to help with a new campaign to build brand awareness and increase its lead generation.

    Expolink, based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, provides independent “speak up” services to businesses around the world including nearly 30% of FTSE 350 companies. 

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    Topics: Case Studies, Public Relations, Technology, PR, PR Appointments, Wiltshire, Human Resources, Compliance, HR

    Measuring Marketing ROI - Is my PR working?

    Measuring ROI on Public Relations

    Over the years there has been numerous attempts by various people to give a "value" to press coverage so Managers could compare specific items of press coverage and say things such as "Wow, that was a great bit of coverage it scores a 98, whereas that coverage wasn't so good as it only gets a 15". 

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