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Trust and credibility are two key assets for financial businesses.  After all, it is a strong reputation that opens doors, whether to senior executives, business owners or potential investors. 

We are an award-winning boutique agency that works with financial and fintech businesses to build the sort of powerful reputation and recognition that ensures they achieve their strategic goals.  

Business leaders often say that reputation is the greatest asset, but many do little to build it despite the benefits trust and credibility bring across all areas of sales, marketing, lead generation, attracting investors, getting, as well as helping recruitment and retention.

Many of the financial businesses we support want to grow their reputation to improve their sales growth, while others are looking to impress investors, influence regulators, launch successfully or simply create credibility in their specialism to help them out-compete larger or more-established competitors. 

Our financial clients include accountancy, insurance, financial technology, peer-to-peer innovators and personal finance businesses, as well as suppliers to these sectors such as consultants, lawyers, HR advisors, SaaS and technology providers, and cybersecurity businesses.

Building reputations: our approach

Our approach is underpinned with the often ignored truism that it is substance, not hype and spin, that builds the key elements for a strong reputation - trust and credibility. We work with financial and other clients to build on their strengths while tackling areas that need improvement with a three stage approach:

1 - Identifying the "reputation gap" to be addressed and clear campaign objectives

2 - Helping you build strengths (and build on strengths)

3 - Ensuring you stand out as a leader

A strong reputation... delivered

We help you deliver a stronger reputation your business, and we will also help you measure and track how this is helping better achieve your strategic objectives, whether growth, investment, recruitment or entering new markets.

Securing prominent press coverage in the national business media is one of our key tactics because of the huge credibility and impact it delivers, and we also ensure other areas important for building a strong reputation are in place, such as:

  • Strong thought leadership that delivers distinctive and memorable insights
  • Speaking slots at notable events
  • Vital proof-points such as case studies, articles and awards
  • Helping you protect your reputation when problems occur
  • Ensuring your digital reputation delivers the maximum authority

To speak with us about how we can help you build the sort of powerful reputation that opens doors and boosts sales, call us now on 020 7242 2286 or click here to arrange a call with one of senior PR consultants.

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We work with a wide area of financial businesses providing Public Relations support including generating high-impact press coverage, creating attention-grabbing thought leadership, as well as other areas that boost reputations through bringing strong credibility, such as awards, launches, case studies and an impressive digital profile.

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