Using PR & thought leadership to reach senior executives at large corporates


Using PR & thought leadership to reach senior executives at large corporates


Our London-based Public Relations team has a long track-record of helping businesses reach senior executives in large corporates in Britain and internationally to help them build influence and sales.

Senior executives in large companies are hard to reach. They have assistants who screen their calls and emails. They seldom return phone messages and don't tend to wander around exhibitions. You rarely see them at breakfast networking groups either! 

Yet they are very willing to meet people with something interesting to say.  Interesting thought leadership and strong coverage in national newspapers certainly influence them and their advisors. The credibility that comes from being seen as a leading expert is a powerful tool in the process of building senior-level relations at prospects.  Insightful research also opens doors and starts the process of building high-level relationships.

Does good press coverage lead directly to meetings with CEOs of large corporates?

 Business lead generation pr agency londonIn our experience with clients - yes, it does! Sometimes this is in direct response to reading the coverage, and more often it is through the coverage and thought leadership being intelligently reused throughout the marketing and sales process.


To find out how our innovative PR and thought leadership campaigns can help your business reach senior executives at large corporates, please do not hesitate to call director Tim Prizeman on 020 7242 2286 or email us. If you would like to view our client case studies, please click here.


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