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Kelso Consulting prides itself on creating and delivering Public Relations and thought leadership campaigns that bring strong commercial benefits as well as great press and broadcast coverage.  In fact, our campaigns have won four national PR and marketing awards in recent years.

To hear about the benefits delivered by our campaigns, please click on the PR case studies and testimonials below. 





Award winning technology public relations case study
Litigation public relations - law fimr public relations case study

Award-winning tech PR campaign

Award-winning thought leadership campaign delivers TV & 350+ press articles for tech company.

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Litigation support for solicitors

Litigation PR campaign helps solicitor deliver victory for financial misselling victims.

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Doyle Clayton - employment law specialists - thought leadership report
legal public relations case study wealth management

PR for employment lawyers

Creating and launching employment law firm's first thought leadership initiative.

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Personal finance PR

Wealth management thought leadership campaign for law firm breaks taboos about discussing infirmity & inheritance planning.

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Public relations helps lobbying to bigger retailers
New Call-to-action

Retail sector PR campaign

PR campaign for payments intelligence specialists lobbying on behalf of the biggest UK retailers.

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PR for management consultancy

International PR campaign transforms consultancy's reputation. 

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public relations case study forensic accountancy
high impact pr campaign for online recruiter

PR for fraud investigators

Kelso campaign helps leading accounting firm's drive to gain forensic work from the Big Four.

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PR for online recruiter

PR campaign for online accountancy recruiter brings clients & cvs. 

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pr campaign for business book


Business book launch

PR campaign for business book 'The Commando Way' by Damian McKinney delivers top international business media. 

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management consultancy PR case study
pr case study education

PR for management consultants

PR campaign makes, management consultants Novasecta pharma journalists' "go to" expert.

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Launching a new university

High impact PR support helps Britain's first new university in 40 years launch.

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b2b award winning case study thought leadership
public relations corporate finance case study

Two awards for fintech campaign

CEO speaks of business benefits from Kelso thought leadership and PR campaign.

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Coporate Finance Public Relations

High impact Public Relations campaign for the Corporate Finance Network.

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public relations facebook property application
Public Relations case study - management consultancy campaign

Property app launch

Successful PR launch for online Facebook residential property app.

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Broadcast PR campaign for management consultancy

Broadcast PR campaign for leading management consultants.

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Public relations for research company
accountancy pr case study

PR builds researcher agency

International PR campaign for research agency.

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Insurance PR for accountants

Lloyd's market PR campaign for accountancy firm gets auditors "from never to always on the pitch list".

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